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    10 Bow Hunting Tips for a Successful Hunt Part2

    7. Keep your Shot Distance Reasonable
    I see this time and time again and I can’t re-iterate it enough.  It does not matter one bit whether you are shooting a compound bow or a crossbow, they are not guns you cannot shoot animals at 100 yds and expect it to go well.  I would strongly recommend not shooting anything over 60 yds as this is getting just too far and by that time the kinetic energy needed to kill the animal starts dropping considerably.  The key to being a good bowhunter is to make clean kills to ensure a quick painless death as well as the maximum chances of recovering the animal.

    8.Know the Vitals of your Intended Target
    Knowing where the vitals are on the animal that you are hunting is crucial to ensure that you make a quick, clean kill.  It is strongly suggested that you do a search online or gather the location of the vitals before you go hunting for that specific animal.  This information can be found online, or in books.

    9.Check Bow and Equipment for Damage
    Imagine this, you’re sitting in your stand waiting for your trophy animal and all of a sudden you hear something, you slowly get up and turn to see a HUGE Buck walking your way.  You slowly turn and draw your bow waiting for that buck to cross your shot path.  The Buck comes into the prime position you aim and all of a sudden your sight slides off, or your string snaps or your release lets loose before you’re ready.  Sure enough the Buck gets spooked and off it goes.

    Nothing sucks more than getting all the way out to your hunting spot, setting up all your gear getting ready for your shot and then realizing you have broken, loose or damaged equipment.  Make sure you inspect all of your equipment to make sure it is in perfect working order before heading out.  This will save you a ton of embarrassment and kicking yourself in butt.

    10. Know the Local Laws and Regulations of the Hunting Area
    Aside from missing your trophy because of faulty equipment or a mistake, one of the biggest things that suck is being ignorant to the local hunting laws and having an officer come by and take all of your equipment, animal and fine you out the ying yang for breaking the said laws.  Trust me save yourself a lot of money and trouble familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations before going out.

    Bowhunting is almost always an enjoyable time and can be very rewarding if you are able to get your hands on that beautiful trophy animal.  If you’re tired of watching and hearing about all these other bownunters snag their animals while you’re left year after year with nothing, follow these tips and you’ll greatly increase your chances of having a successful hunt.

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