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    IBowSight – An Iphone App for the Bowhunting Techie

    IBowSight Iphone appIBowSight Color Chooser

    The new IBowSight Iphone 4 or Iphone 4S app that was recently released by Firenock is unique and ingenious application that uses both software and hardware to turn your Iphone 4 or 4S into an archery sight for your bow. The IBowSight app is fully customizable and your Iphone can be attached to your bow through Firenocks’ secure 8 point bracketing system which supports a wide range of bow models.

    The IBowSight Iphone App is a fantastic innovative bow sight that comes packed with a lot of features that include but are certainly not limited to:

    - Adjustable sight ring from 0.3″ radius to a larger 2.1″radius
    - Adjustable pin size allows adjustments from 0.012” to 0.240” in radius
    - A choice of up to 2.6 million pin colors and many different pin shapes
    - Add up to 7 pins to the IBowSight
    - Has digital zoom from 1.0X base on internal optics to 4.0x in increments of 0.01X
    - Built in water level for visual bow leveling

    Along with all of the built-in programmed features of the IBowSight Iphone app, the bracketing system comes with a pre-drilled hole for a screw mount lens system that can be used to enhance the visibility and clarity of the IBowSight application. These lenses are set at this point to include: wide angle, fish eye, telephoto, optical correction lens.

    The IBowSight also allows for up to 20000 different profiles and settings so that no matter where you hunt or which bow or arrows you use you will always be able to pull up the appropriate sight for your current configuration. The IBowSight App system also comes with a usb rain hood that will protect your Iphone should you be hunting in conditions of rain or snow.

    All in all this Iphone app looks to be an incredible innovation in archery technology. It will definitely be interesting to do some field testing on this setup and see how the IBowSight performs. If you would like more information or would like to get this application and try it for yourself you can visit Firenock’s IBowSight Website.

    If you have tried the IBowSight and would like to let other bowhunters know your thoughts, we would love to have you tell us your opinion below.

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    What Is Archery? – Everything you Need to Know

    What is Archery?

    Simply put archery is the process or skill of shooting or launching a long straight wooden, aluminum or carbon shaft called an arrow from a bow, hence the popular term “bow and arrow”. The word “archery” is derived from the latin word “arcus”, and was originally used as a means of both hunting and combat. A person who practices archery is referred to as an archer and one who is an expert at the art of archery is considered to be a “toxophilite”.

    The invention of the bow and arrow is not exactly clear but through artifacts, drawings and other historical evidence it is believed they were invented around 10,000 – 9000 BC. The arrows were made of pine and consisted of 2 parts, the mainshaft and foreshaft. The mainshaft made up most of the arrow with the foreshaft being about 6-8 inches long and had a flint or rock type tip fastened to it.

    Bows and arrows have been present and have been being used in war by many known civilizations such as:

    Although archery became a well practiced art in many civiliazations it was the Asian civilizations that really developed the art of archery and became very well known for their regiments of highly skilled archers. Once the domestication of the horse had set in the asians and the indians began practicing the art of archery on horseback which helped to gain mobility within war and hunting situations. Later on when the invention and guns came into play archery became an obsolete as a war or even hunting method as guns delivered more accuracy, range and effectiveness against game and foes.

    In terms of technology archery has come an incredibly long way since the art was invented. Archery is now becoming popular again as a way of hunting as well as for recreational sport. The Bow and arrows are nothing like they used to be, consisting of carbon, aluminum, graphite, metals and many other materials that have made it possible for the invention of new designs, increased accuracy and stability.

    Today arrows are made of one single shaft with a knock at the back and a tip at the front. The shafts are most commonly made of aluminum or carbon and the tips have been re-invented to include field tips, broadheads and blunt tips all consisting of hardened steel or hard plastic.

    Archery today is enjoyed by many including men, women and children who participate in the art for hunting and for competitive sport. Archery as a competitive sport has really become popular over the last few years and includes tournaments, olympics and variations of competitive target events such as 3D archery.

    Whether you are young or old archery is a very fun and exciting sport and is well worth getting into.

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    ThermaCell Reviewed – The Results are Shocking


    ” Eeeeeeee…” As a bowhunter, I am sure you have heard that annoying hum of mosquitoes buzzing by your ears, as they look and feel for that spot on your body where they can grab a quick meal. I know I certainly have. It has been an issue that has plagued me every time I have gone hunting. It seems as though you start out with just a few buzzing around you, but within minutes it’s like a broadcast went out and the entire population of mosquitoes in the area are buzzing around you. Which leaves you itchy and looking like a swollen golf ball. Not to mention, you have what seems like 1 or 2 less pints of blood in your body.

    I had a problem finding a mosquito repellent that not only works well but is safe. Trust me, I have tried it all: Ben’s, OFF, Repel, Cutter, Muskol, Natrapel and many others. Of these products mentioned, some of them didn’t work at all, and others worked moderately well. Many of them contain deet which is toxic and can make you sick. Not to mention, these products tend to have stronger smells. As a bowhunter, you have to be aware of strong unnatural smells that could be caught by the game you are hunting. It was only a year and a half ago that I was introduced to the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent. This product really changed my hunting experiences for the better, and I would like to take the time to tell you a bit about my experience with it.

    What is the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent

    The ThermaCell is a compact revolutionary mosquito repellent lantern that works off of heat generated by a small butane canister. It’s very light weight and can attach to your belt, pants, hunting bag, or whatever you prefer to use. This small yet powerful mosquito repellent will protect a 15×15 square foot area within minutes of being turned on. It blocks over 80% of mosquitoes with no odor, messy creams, or oils.

    My experience with the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent

    As stated above, I was introduced to the ThermaCell a year and a half ago and have been using it ever since. My first experience with it wasn’t even while hunting, it was during a family BBQ near the end of July. As evening crept in, the mosquitoes started becoming a real nuisance. The sprays and lemon scented sticks came out, but none of them alleviated the mosquitoes’ fierce attacks. I suddenly remembered the ThermaCell I had purchased and went and to dig it out of my hunting equipment to give it a try.
    I put it together, turned it on, and attached it to the folding chair I was sitting in. Within minutes I began to notice less mosquitoes buzzing around me. After about 6 or 7 minutes, the mosquitoes were so scarce that I barely noticed the few that were buzzing around the area. And best of all, there was no strong odors coming from the ThermaCell. I couldn’t believe it, I had never experienced results like this before. I was both impressed and excited about this mosquito repellent. I ended up using the ThermaCell several more times that summer for BBQs, Bonfires, and outside get together’s. Each and every time I used it, it performed like a charm. I had people asking me where they could get one. I couldn’t wait to try it out hunting where I could really put it to the test.

    The ThermaCell’s Performance in the Field

    The beginning of September rolled around, and I headed north for my annual moose hunting trip north of Thunder Bay. The temperatures were moderate, hanging at around 65-70 degrees. Just before entering the bush, we stopped at a local shop for supplies and food. We discovered that because of the abnormal temperatures that area had experienced, there was a triple hatching of mosquitoes and a double hatching of black flies. Normally this would be terrible news. However, I was excited to see how well the ThermaCell would hold up against this barrage of mosquitoes and black flies.

    It was mid afternoon when we headed into the bush, so by the time we got to our camp it was around 5 O’clock at night. We stepped out of the truck and within 10 minutes clouds of mosquitoes and black flies engulfed the area. I quickly tore through my gear and got my ThermaCell. I turned it on and hung it on a nearby tree. It was hell waiting the couple of minutes for it to heat up. Dozens of swollen bumps littered our bodies as we worked furiously setting everything up.

    After about 10 minutes, it was like night and day. The clouds of mosquitoes and black flies had dispersed and were being kept back by what seemed like an invisible shield. And although we were still getting attacked by a few groups of mosquitoes and black flies, in my opinion, the ThermaCell did a fantastic job. Especially for the incredible amount of insects that had hatched that year. During the rest of the hunting trip, the ThermaCell worked its’ magic. And while that year the ThermaCell had a harder time keeping up with the incredible amount of mosquitoes and black flies, it worked phenomenally.

    My Recommendation for the ThermaCell

    I now own 3 ThermaCells and have purchased a few as Christmas gifts for friends and family. I strongly recommend the ThermaCell to anyone who hates being bothered over and over again by pesky mosquitoes and black flies. I know one thing is for sure, I won’t go anywhere outside without it. And I know that once you try it for yourself you’ll feel the same way.

    If you would like to be rid of mosquitos forever with a method that is very safe and effective, I would encourage you to get more information on the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent.

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    Wicked Tough Hand Saw Reviewed

    Wicked Tough Hand Saw Picture

    As an avid bowhunter I have had the pleasure of experiencing that thrill and exhilaration of discovering a new hunting area that shows tremendous sign and potential. However; as any bowhunter knows, hunting a new area usually means hours and hours of prep work during the summer months will be needed in order to get your new hunting spot ready for hunting season in the fall. This of course can be a daunting task especially when you think about the hellish 90+ degree temperatures, cuts, scratches, mosquitoes feasting on what seems like every last drop of blood in your body, dense thick brush needing to be cleared and a whole heap of hard tiring work ahead of you.

    Any bowhunter that has ever had to do prep work on a new hunting spot will tell you that one of the most important and crucial tools is a good quality hand saw that will be able to rip through small branches, dense brush, and vines. Today I want to give you my opinion about this hand saw as well as some detail about my experience with Wicked Tree Gears’ Wicked Tough Hand Saw in the field.

    Wicked Tough Hand Saw – Description and Specifications
    The Wicked hand saw features a rugged cast aluminum handle with a non-slip rubber over-molding designed for an ergonomic comfortable feel in your hands. The blade is an impulse hardened high carbon steel which delivers a fast smooth cutting blade that has been designed to eliminate binding. This tough blade will not bend or break like a lot of the other competition out there today. The Wicked Tough Hand Saw has an overall length of about 8.25″ closed and 14″ open and weighs only about half a pound.

    Wicked Tough Hand Saw – My Experience

    Simply put I brought the Wicked Tough Hand Saw out to the area I planned on hunting later that fall and started clearing out some hunting lanes and prepping a few trees for my tree stand. This area was older and had become overgrown with thick dense brush that I was certainly not looking forward to tackling in the sweltering heat of July. I opened the saw up and began tackling the daunting task of getting rid of a lot of tree branches, vines and thickets that were littering my shooting lanes. The first thing I noticed about the Wicked Hand Saw was that the grip and shape of the handle felt really solid and comfortable in my hands, like it had been designed to fit my hand and was by far the most comfortable hand saw I had ever used hands down.

    It didn’t take long for me to realize I had stumbled across a rare hand saw. Whether cutting through smaller or larger tree branches the Wicked hand saw took them down with barely the effort I had been so used to using with other hand saws. When I came to areas thick with vines I swung at them with the Wicked Hand Saw like a machete and it cut through them like a hot knife in butter. I was both impressed and thrilled at how quickly the Wicked Tough Hand Saw was making it through the thick brush and most of all that it hadn’t broken or failed after all of the abuse I had put it through.

    After 100′s of cut branches, vines and twigs the Wicked Tough Hand Saw was still as sharp and cut just as well as it did when I took it out of the package. This truly is a remarkable hand saw that in my opinion blows the competition out of the water. The bottom line is that the Wicked Tough Hand Saw is extremely comfortable, durable, and sharp. I would strongly recommend to any bowhunter out there looking for an easier more comfortable way to clear out shooting lanes and trees for tree stands.

    Wicked Tough Hand Saw – More Information

    If you would like some more information on this incredible hand saw you can visit the Wicked Tree Gear website. You can also take a look at the video below to see the Wicked Tough Hand Saw in action

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    Choosing a Trail Cam – What you Need to Know

    Trail cams are very useful tools that can greatly increase your knowledge about the patterns of the game living in your hunting area.  Trail cams not only capture images during the day but can also capture the events of the game in the area at night as well.  This can serve as a great scouting and research tool to choose the prime hunting spots in that area.  So how do you choose the right trail cam for your needs?  In this article we will give you the basics of a trail cam so that you can have the knowledge about trail cams you will need to purchase the best trail cam for you.

    Trail Cam Detection Circuits

    The detection circuit of the trail cam is basically the mechanism that detects the movement or heat of the animal.  Trail cams with better quality detection circuits are able to detect and produce more pictures of animals while trail cams with lesser quality detection circuits can miss a lot of  animal heat signatures and movement especially if the movement is faster.  Detection circuits will usually consist of :

    Trigger Time -  The trigger time of a trail cam is the time it takes for the cam to snap a picture of the animal once it has detected it within its detection zone.  Usually but not always a quicker trigger time indicates a higher quality trail cam.  It’s important to note that not everybody will need a fast trigger time for their camera, bowhunters who are looking to place the trail cam at a location where animals congregate for an extended period of time such as a feeding pile wouldn’t needs as quick of a trigger time as a bowhunter who wanted to monitor a game trail where speeds will a factor.

    Detection Zone – Simply put the detection zone of a trail cam is the area in which the trail cam is monitoring with its sensors.  As soon as an object like an animal crosses the detection zone line a picture is taken.  There are 2 main factors that determine the basic detection zone of a camera and those are detection width and detection range.

    Detection Range – The detection range of a trail cam is the maximum distance the camera can detect movement or heat.  The max distance depending on the trail cam’s quality usually ranges from about 30′ to 100′.  If you are looking for a trail cam to survey a larger area such as a bait area or an open clearing then you would need a trail cam with a greater detection range and width.

    Recovery Time -   The recovery time of a trail cam is basically the time that it takes the camera to snap a picture, store that picture to its memory and then re-group and get ready for its next shot.  Recovery time again usually depends on the quality of the trail cam and can range from 30 – 60 seconds inbetween shots all the way to virtually instantaneou (1/2 second) .

    Detection Width -  The detection zone of a trail cam is expressed as a degree and can range from 5 degrees all the way up to 90 degrees.

    Trail Cam Picture Quality

    A lot of bowhunters make the mistake of choosing a trail cam with a high mega-pixel rating thinking that it will produce better quality pictures.  This is not always true, trail cam companies will offer cameras with a great mega-pixel value but a poor quality camera lens which will translate into poor quality pictures regardless of how many mega-pixels it boasts.  The only way to really tell how good the quality of the pictures are is to look at some reviews or ask for demo pictures from that specific trail cam to see how the clear and crisp the pictures are.

    Another detail you have to look for in the picture quality section is whether or not the trail cam uses an incandescent flash or an infrared flash.  An incandescent flash is like a normal light that you would find in your house, this can give colored pictures at night however; can spook game as it displays a sudden bright flash of light in the darkness.  Having a trail cam with an IR(infrared) flash will deliver black and white pictures at night but will most often not spook and scare away the game you’re hunting.

    Finally when dealing with picture quality we also have to look at the flash range which is the distance at which the light can reach to produce a decent recognizable picture of the object being monitored at night.  Some models have a flash range of about 10-15′ which is for use in very close small areas all the way to 80′+ which is used for wider open areas.

    Trail Cam Battery Life

    Battery life can vary greatly with each model of trail cam, this is an important aspect to look at as the wrong decision can end up costing you a small fortune in battery replacment.  It is recommended that you choose a trail cam that has a higher end battery life and that you use rechargeable batteries as this will save you a ton of money in the long run.

    Trail Cam Security Options

    Many times you will be setting up a trail cam in areas where other people will be travelling besides yourself.  Unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest people who like to take other peoples stuff and so we strongly recommend that if you will be placeing your trail cam in a public location to get yourself a trail cam security box which you can use to secure your trail cam in.

    Choosing a trail cam can be a bit overwhelming at first but armed with this information and the resource links below we are confident that you will be able to accurately choose and purchase the trail cam that is right for you.

    Trail Cam Resource Links

    1. Trail Cam Comparisons
    2. Trail Cam Detection Zone Tests
    3. Trail Cam Picture Quality Tests
    4. Trail Cam Flash Range Test
    5. Trail Cam Selection Guide

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    2011 Bowhunter’s Hunting Gadget Wish List

    With Christmas just around the corner it’s about that time to start dropping hints. This past year there have been some great bowhunting products and gadgets come out that have improved the hunting experiences of many bowhunters. We have compiled a list of a few of these products and gadgets to make the Bowhunter’s 2011 Hunting Gadget Wish List. While going through our wishlist if you would like more detailed information on a specific item, simply click on the picture of the item in the list.

    2011 Bowhunter’s Wish List

    1. DMT Diamond Broadhead Sharpener
    With razor sharp broadheads being crucial to bowhunting its no wonder DMT’s Diamond Broadhead Sharpener made it onto this year’s wish list.  This sharpener is an adjustable dual stone sharpener that can be adjusted to handle 2, 3 and 4 blade broadheads. DMT diamond sharpener works to hone even the hardest of steel blades to provide you a broadhead that will have maximum cutting potential.  This would make a great affordable gift this christmas season.
    2. Reconyx Hyperfire HC 600 Trail Camera

    The Reconyx HC 600 Cam has a 3.1 megapixel cam with No-Glow technology that eliminates that IR glow that can spook game. It has a IR flash range of about 50 feet and takes crystal clear 1080P resolution captures at near-video speeds.  With a 1/5-second trigger the HC 600 can take multiple captures of animals travelling at higher speeds.  It also features a SD or SDHC card slot that will fit a memory card up to 32GB in size.  This Cam is powered by 12AA rechargeable batteries and makes for a perfect gift for that bowhunter that wants a higher end trail cam that will capture all of days and nights activities.

    3. Walker’s Digital HD X Game Ear
    Ever wish you could hear game coming before being surprised at one popping out of nowhere?  Walker’s Digital HD X Game Ear helps solve this issue by heightning your hearing by up to 7 times.  With its’ 4 digital sound-processing channels and 8-band equalizer this hearing booster allows for greater audio depth and precision so that you can pinpoint the sound of your game.  The Game Ear also features an auto shutdown for sudden loud noises to avoid damaging your ears.  This would make the perfect gift for all bowhunters.
    4. Bushnell Fusion 1600 ARC Rangefinder Binoculars
    The Bushnell Fusion 1600 mixes the technology of  world class binoculars with the technology of arc laser range finders to bring you a compact 2 in 1 bowhunters dream.  The fusion 1600 delivers bright crystal clarity while also delivering laser accurate range finding ability.  It features a bow and rifle mode depending on your weapon and can accurately calculate ranges from 10 to 1600 yds away.  This 2 in 1 package comes at a price that is lower than a lot of higher end binocular models, and comes in a normal 10 x 42 mm binocular size.  This is a great bowhunting tool that can help you identify game and shoot the proper distance.
    5. Gerbing’s Heated Seat
    The Gerbing Heated Seat takes the edge out of those cold mornings or nights by keeping your backside warm, which every bowhunter can appreciate.  This Gerbing Heated Seat features 4 adjustable heat settings, back supporting foam padding, and a rechargeable battery pack and charger.  The Gerbing Heated Seat is fairly compact measuring 14″ wide x 16″ length and about 3 inches in thickness and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.  This heated seat can provide you with 2 hours of heating at 135°,  3 hours at 115°, 5 hours at 105° and 10 hours at 85°.  This handy bum warmer is great gift this christmas season that would be greatly appreciated by any bowhunter .
    6. Garmin® Rino 655T GPS Radio
    The New Garmin 655T combines the capabilities of a 12-parallel-channel GPS and the communication power of a 22-channel GMRS/FRL two way radio to deliver a powerful bowhunting tool with a total run time of 12 hours on one charge at a compact weight of only 10 oz.  The Garmin Rino 655T features a 2.6″ touch screen,simplified user interface, and a 5 mega pixel camera with 4.35GB internal memory. This GPS/Radio is also has the added value of a powerful transmitter/receiver reception in thick cover, a weather radio, 3-axis compass, and barometric altimeter.   The Rino 655T with all its features and added gadgtets makes this the perfect bowhunter’s tool.
    7. Tree Stand Buddy
    The Tree Stand Buddy is a unique revolutionary tree stand bracket system that takes the pain out of putting up and taking down your tree stand. The Tree Stand Buddy is designed to work with almost all one or two post hang-on tree stands and provides a quiet solid tree stand attachment platform for your tree stand. The Tree Stand Buddy provides and easy slip on and slip off bracket and a unique hoisting loop to eliminate the need to climb the tree with your stand providing a much safer way to manage your tree stand.  If you hunt more than one location simply purchase some extra brackets and you can easily move your tree stand to your different hunting locations.  The Tree Stand Buddy is an incredible product and we definitely recommend this product for any bowhunter using a tree stand.
    These are just a few choice products for 2011 that we chose to hightlight this year in our wish list if you have some more great wish list items on your list and want to share them with us, tell us about them in the comment section below, I hope everybody has a safe and a Merry Christmas this holiday season.
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