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    2011 Bowhunter’s Hunting Gadget Wish List

    With Christmas just around the corner it’s about that time to start dropping hints. This past year there have been some great bowhunting products and gadgets come out that have improved the hunting experiences of many bowhunters. We have compiled a list of a few of these products and gadgets to make the Bowhunter’s 2011 Hunting Gadget Wish List. While going through our wishlist if you would like more detailed information on a specific item, simply click on the picture of the item in the list.

    2011 Bowhunter’s Wish List

    1. DMT Diamond Broadhead Sharpener
    With razor sharp broadheads being crucial to bowhunting its no wonder DMT’s Diamond Broadhead Sharpener made it onto this year’s wish list.  This sharpener is an adjustable dual stone sharpener that can be adjusted to handle 2, 3 and 4 blade broadheads. DMT diamond sharpener works to hone even the hardest of steel blades to provide you a broadhead that will have maximum cutting potential.  This would make a great affordable gift this christmas season.
    2. Reconyx Hyperfire HC 600 Trail Camera

    The Reconyx HC 600 Cam has a 3.1 megapixel cam with No-Glow technology that eliminates that IR glow that can spook game. It has a IR flash range of about 50 feet and takes crystal clear 1080P resolution captures at near-video speeds.  With a 1/5-second trigger the HC 600 can take multiple captures of animals travelling at higher speeds.  It also features a SD or SDHC card slot that will fit a memory card up to 32GB in size.  This Cam is powered by 12AA rechargeable batteries and makes for a perfect gift for that bowhunter that wants a higher end trail cam that will capture all of days and nights activities.

    3. Walker’s Digital HD X Game Ear
    Ever wish you could hear game coming before being surprised at one popping out of nowhere?  Walker’s Digital HD X Game Ear helps solve this issue by heightning your hearing by up to 7 times.  With its’ 4 digital sound-processing channels and 8-band equalizer this hearing booster allows for greater audio depth and precision so that you can pinpoint the sound of your game.  The Game Ear also features an auto shutdown for sudden loud noises to avoid damaging your ears.  This would make the perfect gift for all bowhunters.
    4. Bushnell Fusion 1600 ARC Rangefinder Binoculars
    The Bushnell Fusion 1600 mixes the technology of  world class binoculars with the technology of arc laser range finders to bring you a compact 2 in 1 bowhunters dream.  The fusion 1600 delivers bright crystal clarity while also delivering laser accurate range finding ability.  It features a bow and rifle mode depending on your weapon and can accurately calculate ranges from 10 to 1600 yds away.  This 2 in 1 package comes at a price that is lower than a lot of higher end binocular models, and comes in a normal 10 x 42 mm binocular size.  This is a great bowhunting tool that can help you identify game and shoot the proper distance.
    5. Gerbing’s Heated Seat
    The Gerbing Heated Seat takes the edge out of those cold mornings or nights by keeping your backside warm, which every bowhunter can appreciate.  This Gerbing Heated Seat features 4 adjustable heat settings, back supporting foam padding, and a rechargeable battery pack and charger.  The Gerbing Heated Seat is fairly compact measuring 14″ wide x 16″ length and about 3 inches in thickness and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.  This heated seat can provide you with 2 hours of heating at 135°,  3 hours at 115°, 5 hours at 105° and 10 hours at 85°.  This handy bum warmer is great gift this christmas season that would be greatly appreciated by any bowhunter .
    6. Garmin® Rino 655T GPS Radio
    The New Garmin 655T combines the capabilities of a 12-parallel-channel GPS and the communication power of a 22-channel GMRS/FRL two way radio to deliver a powerful bowhunting tool with a total run time of 12 hours on one charge at a compact weight of only 10 oz.  The Garmin Rino 655T features a 2.6″ touch screen,simplified user interface, and a 5 mega pixel camera with 4.35GB internal memory. This GPS/Radio is also has the added value of a powerful transmitter/receiver reception in thick cover, a weather radio, 3-axis compass, and barometric altimeter.   The Rino 655T with all its features and added gadgtets makes this the perfect bowhunter’s tool.
    7. Tree Stand Buddy
    The Tree Stand Buddy is a unique revolutionary tree stand bracket system that takes the pain out of putting up and taking down your tree stand. The Tree Stand Buddy is designed to work with almost all one or two post hang-on tree stands and provides a quiet solid tree stand attachment platform for your tree stand. The Tree Stand Buddy provides and easy slip on and slip off bracket and a unique hoisting loop to eliminate the need to climb the tree with your stand providing a much safer way to manage your tree stand.  If you hunt more than one location simply purchase some extra brackets and you can easily move your tree stand to your different hunting locations.  The Tree Stand Buddy is an incredible product and we definitely recommend this product for any bowhunter using a tree stand.
    These are just a few choice products for 2011 that we chose to hightlight this year in our wish list if you have some more great wish list items on your list and want to share them with us, tell us about them in the comment section below, I hope everybody has a safe and a Merry Christmas this holiday season.

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    1. MVargas1@hotmail.com Says:

      I am a second year bow hunter and had a hard time using a tree limb, rock or log as most do because let’s face it, when that buck comes out, everything is a blurr! But this year I discovered Distance Markers by ARMMZ Hunting via a friend. He found them at http://www.armmzhunting.com and the colors match most pin sights. I love them and have them set up at 15, 25 and 35 yards. Was well worth the $20.00 investment! Makes me feel more confident in my shot!

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