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    3 Ways to Reduce Hand Vibration and Noise

    Every archer at one time or another has experienced some sort of hand vibration or noise coming from their bow after shooting it. Its an issue that isn’t all that serious but does get quite bothersome, especially for those of us who hunt. There are a few things that cause this vibration and noise that we will discuss.

    Loose Hardware: One of the biggest causes of noise and vibration is loose equipment, mainly the sight and rest. If these items are the least bit loose they will vibrate when the bow is shot and make noise. To find out if anything is loose, take your finger and tap the sight and rest with your finger.

    If there is a vibrating tinging noise then simply tighten down the bolts a bit, making sure not to over-tighten them as the riser is only aluminum and strips very easily. If everything is tightened and the noise persists you may also want to get little cushion buttons and place them on the items that are making the noise.

    Limb: vibration: When the bow is fired the limbs create energy as they return to their original position. This creates hand shock in the handle and creates a punching sound. There are ways of greatly reducing both of these by putting Limb Savers on the limbs. When the limbs return to their starting position the shock will be dissipated through the silencers instead of the bow. I would recommend the Ultra LimbSaver – Ultra Solid Limb for a solid limb and the Sims Vibration Laboratory LimbSaver Super Quad Vibration Dampeners for split limbs. The other way to help get rid of overall vibration caused by the limbs and other equipment is to get yourself a good stabilizer, I would highly recommend using the Sims Vibration Laboratory LimbSaver S-Coil Stabilizer

    Bow String Vibration: The string when released will actually go past its original starting place and vibrate until it is at rest. This does cause vibration and noise as well. The way we fix this is to get string silencers. These are made of a rubber material and the fit in between the string or around the string and as the string vibrates back and forth these silencers absorb the energy and silence the string.

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