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    BullDog Targets Review – The Truth Uncovered

    Having a family owned archery business has enabled me the opportunity to try many different products of which include BullDog Targets. Obviously what enticed us to first give these targets a try was the unusual offer of a lifetime warranty. We had not previously seen any other target companies doing this and we were curious as to how BullDog Targets was able to extend such an unusual offer.

    First impressions of the BullDog Target was that it was a solid well constructed target that was a manageable weight and it had 8 small targets printed on the front and back of the target (Doghouse FP)which was a really cool touch, but to be honest I was still very skeptical as I have tried many targets that seemed strong and durable at first and then fall apart like a cardboard box in a rainstorm after only a few months time.

    We set up 4 BullDog Targets in our archery range and and one in our shop and began to test them out. What really impressed me about theses targets was not only its ability to stop arrows flying from higher poundage compound bows (40 – 80lbs) but from crossbows shooting 330+ fps as well. Whether it was at 5 yds or 50 yds the Bulldog Targets were able to stop the arrow after only a few inches of penetration.

    Another surprise I got was that in my experience of shooting at targets whether it be a regular target or a 3D animal target, I am used to having to really put some effort into pulling the arrow from the target and making use of products like arrow pullers and arrow lube. BullDog Targets eliminated this effort completely as you are able to pull your arrows out with very little effort whatsoever.

    The results of our tests are as follows, after 9+ thousand shots at varied ranges of 20-60 yds the BullDog targets in our archery range were still able to effectively stop arrows after a only a few inches of penetration, however; we needed to replace the target faces due to sun damage.  The BullDog target in our shop which has been shot at point blank range (2-3 feet away) for paper tuning, testing arrow speeds and other close work after 5000+ shots needed to have the face cover replaced, but was still easily stopping arrows at speeds of 330+ fps.

    The real test in my mind was the “Lifetime warranty” and how BullDog targets customer service was going to be now that I was ready to make a claim.  I called and told them I needed a few new covers for our BullDog targets, to my shock to be quite honest they sent me the face covers and wrap-around covers for the targets without any big hassle at all.  The only thing I was paid for was the shipping which as about 10 – 15 dollars which in all reality is a small price in comparison for the price of replacing 5 full archery targets.

    Overall BullDog targets are quality field point targets that can withstand anything you throw at them and more.  I am very impressed with them, and at a very reasonable price coupled with a hassle free lifetime warranty you really can’t go wrong.  If you’re looking for a great, long lasting affordable target then I would strongly recommend any of the BullDog Target lineup which can be.   If you want to see all of the BullDog Target lineup or want more information please visit the Bulldog Targets Website

    Tips to a Longer Lasting Bulldog Target:

    - Frequently alternate target face sides when shooting
    - Bring your BullDog target(s) in or cover them to avoid sun damage
    - Shoot different areas of the target.
    - Don’t use Broadheads on any of these targets

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    1. Rick Platz Says:

      Tried ordering a Bulldog Target on Wed. 5/1/13 and am still waiting for them to process the credit card for authorization. I clicked on the Upfront processor banner and it shows merchant disabled. Have you heard of them shutting down their US operations?

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