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    How to Determine your Dominant Eye

    Just like hunting with a gun, in archery you will need to determine which eye is your dominant eye for shooting a bow.  This is a very simple yet effective tutorial that will teach you how to easily determine your dominant eye.

    1. Make a triangle with both of your hands by overlapping your thumbs and the top half of your fingers.

    2 Put your arms out in front of you and pick a target in the distance to look at

    3 Look through the triangle made by your hands and look at the target.

    4 Keep your hand-triangle small enough so that only one eye will be able to look through it when your hand has reached your face.

    5 Keep both eyes open throughout this procedure.

    6 Move your hands back to your face, still looking at the target through your hands. Make note as to which eye you find your hands gravitating towards.

    7 Just to make sure you can repeat the process, holding the triangle at arms distance again and closing your non-dominant eye. The target should remain centered in the opening.

    The result will be your dominant eye which means that this is the eye that you will be aiming with when shooting your bow.

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    1. Clayton Says:

      This is something that I find I have to continually do. I decided that after I set my pins, I also marked where the pins where on my bow and also added some nail polish to them to keep them in place. (nailpolish comes off easier when you need to remove it)

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