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    How to Determine your Drawlength

    Determining your draw-length is a crucial part of archery. If you have a bow that is too long or short in draw-length your shot will be negatively affected. It is a very easy process to find your draw-length and I will show you in these next few steps.

    1. What you need is an arrow shaft with no point on it.

    2. Get a tape measure and mark lines on the arrow for every inch after 15″.

    3. When you have finished marking the arrow, your going to take the arrow and place the back end of it in the part of your neck just above your collar bone.

    4.Then extend both of your arms until they are at a comfortable length. Make sure you do not try to stretch your arms out for added length you just want it so that your arms are stretched to a comfortable length.

    5.Record the results of your measurement.

    This measurement represents your “true draw-length” However when purchasing a bow you need a bow that will be 1″ less than your “true draw”.  Knowing this measurement will ensure that you get a bow that not only fits you but has the potential to maximize your shooting potential.

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    1. Clayton Says:

      This is something that I find I have to continually do. I decided that after I set my pins, I also marked where the pins where on my bow and also added some nail polish to them to keep them in place. (nailpolish comes off easier when you need to remove it)

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