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    How to Fletch your own Arrows

    How many times have you shot an arrow and missed the target or had a pass-through on the target and found the arrow  laying on the ground with a fletching missing?  This can be a very frustrating experience as in most cases it means you will have to take the time to bring the arrow into a bow shop and pay to have your arrow re-fletched.  This can become tiresome and can end up in the long run costing you a lot of money that you can actually save by fletching your arrows yourself.  In this tutorial I will be giving you an outline of how you can fletch your own arrows to save time and money.

    Things you will need:

    -Bare arrow shaft/arrow shaft in need of reparation
    -Fletching Remover
    -Fletching Glue
    -Fletching Jig
    -99% rubbing alcohol
    -Fine grit sand paper

    Step 1: Take your Fletching remover or a dull pocket knife if you don’t have a fletching remover and remove the rest of the fletchings on the arrow.  Ensure that the fletching/vanes glue has been scraped off to the best of your ability as well.

    Step 2: If you’re using carbon arrows take your fine grit sand paper and rough up just the end where the fletchings will go.  This will allow the glue to stick better and will also allow for any remaining old glue to be taken off the arrow.  If you’re using aluminum arrows skip this step.

    Step 3: Wet a rag or cloth with some rubbing alcohol and rub all of the residue off the back end of the arrow where your fletchings are going to go.

    Step4: Place your arrow into the fletching jig and grab the fletching clamp and place a fletching /vane into the clamp.

    Step5: Take your cloth and wet it with rubbing alcohol again and wipe the fletching portion which will be glued to the arrow down to ensure all of the factory residue is off the fletching/vane.

    Step 6: Apply your fletching glue to the fletching in the clamp and use the tip of the glue applicator to make sure the glue is evenly spread on the entire fletching.

    Step 7:  Place the Clamp onto the fletching jig and slide it towards the arrow until the fletching has made contact with the arrow shaft.  Press the clamp down to make sure a tight full seal of the fletching and the arrow shaft is achieved.

    Step 8: Wait 5-7 minutes

    Step 9: Release the clamp and turn the rotation knob on the fletching jig to turn the arrow shaft to the next location of where the fletching will go and then repeat the above steps 5 – 8 until all fletchings have been glued on.

    Step 10: Take the arrow out of the jig and inspect each fletching to make sure there are no unglued areas.  As a final step take your glue and just place a small bead right at the tip of the fletching closest to the arrow point.  This will give your fletchings or vanes that extra durability if you pass-through the target or miss the target and hit the ground.

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    1. Clayton Says:

      This is something that I find I have to continually do. I decided that after I set my pins, I also marked where the pins where on my bow and also added some nail polish to them to keep them in place. (nailpolish comes off easier when you need to remove it)

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