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    How to Make a Simple Archery Target

    Archery targets come in all shapes and sizes as well as different materials. These however can become pretty costly. The good thing is, is that you can build a target out of inexpensive materials and it takes hardly anytime at all.

    1. What you need to do is get a hold of a burlap sack(coffee bean sacks work very well), it should be about 2.5 ft in width and 3.5 ft in height.

    2. Next you’re going to need about 15-20lbs of rags/old clothing. If your wondering where to get these you can go to a thrift store, 2nd hand store, salvation army store etc and if they receive clothing that is in too rough of shape to sell then they throw it out.

    3.Take the rags and stuff that bag until it is just below the top of the bag, making sure that you get as many rags as possible in there.

    4. Take the top of the bag and seal it. You can do this by threading small rope through the holes of the bag. And there you have it your very own target.

    It’s important to note that this target is only good for field points and will not be able to handle any kind of broadheads, including expandable.

    One Response to “Archery How To – Staying Safe in a Tree stand”

    1. Clayton Says:

      This is something that I find I have to continually do. I decided that after I set my pins, I also marked where the pins where on my bow and also added some nail polish to them to keep them in place. (nailpolish comes off easier when you need to remove it)

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