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    How to paper tune your bow

    Paper tuning your bow is not a necessity in order to shoot your bow, however it does ensure that your bow is shooting straight and as accurate as possible. In most cases it even helps to reduce the amount of difference between field points and broadheads.

    Paper tuning is really nothing more than putting a piece of paper between two posts and then shooting your arrow through the paper into a target located just behind the paper. In doing this you are able to see if the arrow is kicking left,right,up or down.

    1. Lets get started what you need to do is to get 2 posts of some type and secure them so that they cannot move. Your going to want the posts to be about the width of the paper your using minus an inch on both sides because your going to need to fasten the paper to the posts.

    *NOTE make sure that the paper is not creased or wrinkled as this will affect the outcome results.* Also make sure the paper is at the height of the arrow being shot because you do not want to be shooting downwards or upwards into the paper as the results will be inaccurate as well..

    2. Alright so now with the posts firmly in place in front of your target and the paper fastened to the posts you are now ready to start shooting. So what we are going to do is go back about 3-5 yards from the posts. Now what your going to do is shoot an arrow into the sheet of paper making sure that your form good so as not to torque the bow.

    3. After the arrow has passed through the page there may or may not be significant tearing. What your going to do next is to go to the paper take on of your hands and put it behind the paper and put the tears back together so that you can see how its tearing. Once you see how it is tearing then you can make the adjustments to your arrow rest. *NOTE the best way that I have found is to work on one problem at a time so work on either horizontal tears or vertical tears*.

    4. Alright so now what we have to do is read the tear and fix the problem. Now the most important part to remember is that you must move your rest in the direction of the tear, so for example if after getting the paper back together you notice that the tear is going to the left then you need to move the rest to the left, if the tear is going in an upward direction then you need to move the rest up etc.

    Now this could take some time as once you move the rest you must continue shooting into the paper until you shoot the arrow through with no tearing and the end result looks as though your looking at the back of an arrow. You need to do this for both for horizontal and vertical tears.

    5. Once you have the arrows going through properly with the flecthings on we need to get a bare arrow(one without fletchings)and go through the same steps. In doing this we can eliminate even the smallest of tears that may have been covered up by the minor tearing from the fletchings on the previous arrow we used.

    The goal of this new arrow is to get it making what looks like bullet holes, the holes should be round with no tearing at all. If this is done than you have successfully paper tuned your bow, this will ensure maximum accuracy and penetration of the arrow.


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    1. Clayton Says:

      This is something that I find I have to continually do. I decided that after I set my pins, I also marked where the pins where on my bow and also added some nail polish to them to keep them in place. (nailpolish comes off easier when you need to remove it)

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