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    How to Quickly Field Dress a Deer

    If you are looking at trying you hand at bowhunting deer one of the most important things you will need to know is how to field dress a deer should you get the opportunity to shoot and kill one.  Properly field dressing a deer is very important as it helps to:

    - Cool off the body temperature of the meat to slow the spoil rate
    - Prevents surface bacteria from forming on the deer
    - Maintains the overall quality of deer meat.

    It is also important that you have everything you will need on your person, or close by so that you can ensure  your ability to field dress a deer as quickly after the kill as possible.  The following is a list if items you will need:

    Deer Tag
    Camera (take a picture of your trophy)
    Sharp / Clean hunting knife
    Small rag or towel to wipe the blood off your hands (can also use surgical gloves)
    Rope to tie legs and/or drag the deer
    Axe or Saw for quartering deer
    Several small pieces of string or twine
    Large zip-lock or self-sealing bag for the heart and liver.
    Tarp – Optional if you want a clean surface to field dress your deer on

    Below is a few videos on how to field dress a deer quickly and cleanly.  These videos offer great information and will help teach you how to properly field dress a deer. *Note – Graphic Content

    How to CLEANLY Field Dress a Deer in under 7 Minutes

    How to Hunt Deer : How to Field Dress a Deer: Part 1

    How to Hunt Deer : How to Field Dress a Deer: Part 2

    How to Hunt Deer : How to Field Dress a Deer: Part 3

    It’s important to note that field dressing a deer takes time and practice in order to master.  You may need to watch these videos a few times in order to remember all of the steps of field dressing a deer but once you have to knowledge and skill to properly field dress a deer you will be able to greatly minimize the chances of spoil.

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