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    IBowSight – An Iphone App for the Bowhunting Techie

    IBowSight Iphone appIBowSight Color Chooser

    The new IBowSight Iphone 4 or Iphone 4S app that was recently released by Firenock is unique and ingenious application that uses both software and hardware to turn your Iphone 4 or 4S into an archery sight for your bow. The IBowSight app is fully customizable and your Iphone can be attached to your bow through Firenocks’ secure 8 point bracketing system which supports a wide range of bow models.

    The IBowSight Iphone App is a fantastic innovative bow sight that comes packed with a lot of features that include but are certainly not limited to:

    - Adjustable sight ring from 0.3″ radius to a larger 2.1″radius
    - Adjustable pin size allows adjustments from 0.012” to 0.240” in radius
    - A choice of up to 2.6 million pin colors and many different pin shapes
    - Add up to 7 pins to the IBowSight
    - Has digital zoom from 1.0X base on internal optics to 4.0x in increments of 0.01X
    - Built in water level for visual bow leveling

    Along with all of the built-in programmed features of the IBowSight Iphone app, the bracketing system comes with a pre-drilled hole for a screw mount lens system that can be used to enhance the visibility and clarity of the IBowSight application. These lenses are set at this point to include: wide angle, fish eye, telephoto, optical correction lens.

    The IBowSight also allows for up to 20000 different profiles and settings so that no matter where you hunt or which bow or arrows you use you will always be able to pull up the appropriate sight for your current configuration. The IBowSight App system also comes with a usb rain hood that will protect your Iphone should you be hunting in conditions of rain or snow.

    All in all this Iphone app looks to be an incredible innovation in archery technology. It will definitely be interesting to do some field testing on this setup and see how the IBowSight performs. If you would like more information or would like to get this application and try it for yourself you can visit Firenock’s IBowSight Website.

    If you have tried the IBowSight and would like to let other bowhunters know your thoughts, we would love to have you tell us your opinion below.

    2 Responses to “2011 Bowhunter’s Hunting Gadget Wish List”

    1. Lgoddard Says:

      Just got my bow, am new to archery and bowhunting. Thanks for the tips, don’t think I will be hunting this season, just practicing.

    2. Houston Archery Says:

      Bow hunting is the most challenging hobbies which an individual can possess. For a better shooting one needs a good practice, so it will be better to first practice in the indoor archery then go for the final hunting. This will lessen the disappointment to some extent.

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