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    New Mathews 2012 Heli-m Bow Overview

    New for 2012 Mathews is introducing its newest addition to their compound bow line-up.  The new Mathews Heli-m™ boasts a major leap in compound bow design and innovation with over 20 years of Mathews’ engineering going into its technologically advanced design and function .  This technological design and innovation of the new Heli-m™ allows Mathews to be able to deliver the smoothest, quietest and most light weight compound bow ever offered.


    IBO Rating: Up to 332 fps

    Axle-to-Axle: 30″

    Brace Height: 7″

    Draw Weight: 40-70 & 65 lbs

    Bow Weight: 3.5 lbs

    Let-off: 80%

    Draw Lengths: 26″ – 30″

    Half Sizes: 26.5″ – 29.5″

    String/Cable: String: 88″ | Cable: 32 3/4″

    Riser Length: 26 1/8″

    Cams: Helim Cam™ & QCA

    The New Mathews Heli-m has some great new features which include:

    -Geo Grid Lock™ Riser which provides strength and stability to bow while keeping the weight of the bow at an incredible low of 3.5lbs.

    -Harmonic Stabilizer Lite™ which works to reduce the nearly 75% of the residual vibration while weighing nearly 70% less than the original Harmonic Stabilizer.

    -Reverse Assist Roller Guard™ which reduces the amount of friction and tension on the cables during draw to provide you with a consistent, smooth draw each and every time you draw this bow.

    -Helim Cam™ & QCA which is the culmination of over 20 years of single-cam advancements, to bring you a quality, dependable single-cam you can trust.

    If you want more information on the new Mathews Heli-m or want to find out where to buy in your area then you can visit Mathews Heli-m Bow Page

    3 Responses to “New Vertical Force Technology Reduces Bow Jump and Hand Shock”

    1. Cole Says:

      Thanks for this post. I appreciate unbiased reviews, outside of magazines and what not. Please keep the reviews coming!

    2. Denner Says:

      My brother just bought one. The dealer advised that Bowtech would not let them sell it for less than the price they set 949.00. I’ve been around bows for awhile seeing Pse lead the way in the speed department. The Cpx is very fast. Once you get it to the let off you just can’t believe the energy stored w/ a 80% let off. Amazing in not seeing the arrow leave the bow.

    3. Bryan E. Shull Says:

      I want to Know what the quietest bow of the past 5 years has been. I heard a Bowtech General a couple of years ago and the arrow hitting the target a 30 yards was louder than the release. Fast is good but quiet is better, if the deer can’t hear it, they won’t jump. I have had them try to jump when hunting with a 44 mag. at 1000 fps. No bow will ever match that! Of course I know they may have been reacting to seeing the recoil more than the sound but the fact remains, they are FAST! We do all we cna not to be seen, or smelled, Doesn’t it make sense also not to be heard?

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