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    New Vertical Force Technology Reduces Bow Jump and Hand Shock

    Compound bows have taken a turn to new technology that greatly reduces the amount of jump and hand shock the bow has when shot. This new technology is called vertical limb technology.

    In previous versions of the compound bow the limbs where set so that when the bow was fired the limbs would shoot forward, this worked well except for the jump of the bow, as well as the hand shock within the riser of the bow. In order to correct for this a lot of different equipment was made in order to try and dampen the shock.

    Bowtech was the first to come up with this new vertical force technology, in 2003 they released 3 compound bows featuring this new technology. The VFT Extreme, Patriot VFT, Patriot Dually VFT. This new technology was a huge hit, bow hunters and archers all over were amazed and fascinated at how much this new technology reduced bow jump and hand shock after the bow had been fired.

    This new technology was such a hit that all of the other bow company’s started following suit, and started implementing the “Vertical Force Technology”. This new technology was implemented by angling the riser limb pockets at more of a horizontal plane, this allowed the limbs to sit at more of a horizontal plane. VFT works on the basis that when the bow is drawn the limbs are compressed in a downward motion instead of the old backwards motion.

    When the bow is released instead of the limbs shooting forward, the upper limbs goes up and the lower limb goes down. Because these limbs are the same they both store the same energy, which makes them equal opposing forces which in terms of physics means that these two forces would cancel each other out. Because the forces are equal and cancel each other out your bow does not pull up or down, and no longer jumps forward. This is science is what keeps your bow still and reduces the amount of jump and hand shock you feel.

    If you are still shooting the old style of compound bow, and you have not at least tried the difference that this VFT technology brings to the table I would encourage you to go and give one a try, I can assure you that you will not believe the difference that it makes. This is definitely something to keep in mind when purchasing a new or used bow.

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