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    What Is Archery? – Everything you Need to Know

    What is Archery?

    Simply put archery is the process or skill of shooting or launching a long straight wooden, aluminum or carbon shaft called an arrow from a bow, hence the popular term “bow and arrow”. The word “archery” is derived from the latin word “arcus”, and was originally used as a means of both hunting and combat. A person who practices archery is referred to as an archer and one who is an expert at the art of archery is considered to be a “toxophilite”.

    The invention of the bow and arrow is not exactly clear but through artifacts, drawings and other historical evidence it is believed they were invented around 10,000 – 9000 BC. The arrows were made of pine and consisted of 2 parts, the mainshaft and foreshaft. The mainshaft made up most of the arrow with the foreshaft being about 6-8 inches long and had a flint or rock type tip fastened to it.

    Bows and arrows have been present and have been being used in war by many known civilizations such as:

    Although archery became a well practiced art in many civiliazations it was the Asian civilizations that really developed the art of archery and became very well known for their regiments of highly skilled archers. Once the domestication of the horse had set in the asians and the indians began practicing the art of archery on horseback which helped to gain mobility within war and hunting situations. Later on when the invention and guns came into play archery became an obsolete as a war or even hunting method as guns delivered more accuracy, range and effectiveness against game and foes.

    In terms of technology archery has come an incredibly long way since the art was invented. Archery is now becoming popular again as a way of hunting as well as for recreational sport. The Bow and arrows are nothing like they used to be, consisting of carbon, aluminum, graphite, metals and many other materials that have made it possible for the invention of new designs, increased accuracy and stability.

    Today arrows are made of one single shaft with a knock at the back and a tip at the front. The shafts are most commonly made of aluminum or carbon and the tips have been re-invented to include field tips, broadheads and blunt tips all consisting of hardened steel or hard plastic.

    Archery today is enjoyed by many including men, women and children who participate in the art for hunting and for competitive sport. Archery as a competitive sport has really become popular over the last few years and includes tournaments, olympics and variations of competitive target events such as 3D archery.

    Whether you are young or old archery is a very fun and exciting sport and is well worth getting into.

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