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    What is let-off and why is it Important?

    First off I just want to take a bit of time to define what let-off is when it comes to the world of archery.  Basically put let-off is a number that is expressed as a percentage that measures the total amount of draw weight that is reduced from the original draw weight when the bow is at full draw.

    I know that may sound a bit confusing so let me just explain this with a simple example. Let’s say you have a bow that has a 70lb draw weight with a 75% let-off. This means that at full draw the bow’s draw weight will be reduced by 75% .  So with simple math we can determine that it would take 70lbs of force to pull the bow back however once fully drawn the weight to continue holding at full draw would drop to roughly 17.5lbs.

    So why is this important?

    Let-off can be extremely useful especially if you are using the bow for hunting purposes.  Think about how much easier it would be to sit there in the cold and hold back 17.5lbs as compared to 70lbs while waiting for the perfect shot on that trophy animal.

    Let-off can also help to increase concentration and accuracy during both shot placement and the release of the string because your body doesn’t have to divert extra energy to holding back strenuous amounts of weight.  This will allow you to tire less quickly and will allow you more time to focus and make that money shot whether it be on a target or an animal.

    Which bows commonly have let-off?

    The only bows that have let-off are compound style bows.  Over the years bows have come to offer adjustable let-off so you can choose how much let-off the bow has by adjusting a piece on the cam.

    Let-off is an important part of archery whether you are a bowhunter or a competitive archer and should be one of the many key points looked at when buying a bow.

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