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    2012 ATA Show – A Look at the Whats New for 2012


    That time of year is almost here, the 2012 ATA show is just around the corner starting Jan 10. This is one of the, if not the biggest archery show of the year where archery companies new and old flock to show off they’re latest and greatest for merchandise for the upcoming year to all of the retailers and private vendors. This year the 2012 ATA show is being held in Ohio and is promising some big names with some incredible products that archers and bowhunters from all over can’t wait to get a chance to see and get their hands on.

    This year we have our tickets and will be going to cover this incredible archery event. We will be taking pictures and making posts of our day to day adventures and products we see and will be giving you an inside look at the latest products itching to hit the stores for your entertainment this year.

    We will also be posting some pictures and some information on our new forum so be sure to check it out here Archery Buff Forum.


    NAP ArmorRest Capture Rest

    NAP Capture Rest

    The NAP armorRest is a full capture drop away rest for those hunters and shooters that enjoy a capture rest that can hold your arrow at literally any angle you have it at. Numerous tests and studies have concluded that the NAP ArmorRest gets fletching clearance every time whether you are using vanes or FOBs. With this full capture drop away rest you get no bounce backs and because of the rubberized coating that covers the rest you get a quiet yet rugged rest that performs every time you shoot. Unlike the competition the NAP ArmorRest features titanium arms which greatly reduces weight and adds an added boost of durability. The ArmorRest is sure to turn heads this year.

    Bowtech Insanity CPX and CPXL

    Bowtech Insanity CPX

    The Bowtech Insanity is the much anticipated bow that has been held under wraps by Bowtech for the last few months. The Bowtech Insanity comes in two models; CPX and CPXL both featuring Dual Overdrive Binary CAMS. This bow is an extremely smooth, quiet and fast bow, however in my opinion the draw cycle as compared to other bows on the market is a bit tougher. Regardless the Bowtech Insanity is definitely going to be a strong player this upcoming year.

    Archer Xtreme – Titanium Xtreme

    Archer Xtreme Titanium SIght

    The Archer Xtreme Titanium Sight is the first titanium sight to hit the market ever. The benefit of titanium is that it is twice the strength of steel while being 45% lighter. Archer Xtreme has used this to build one of the lightest yet most durable sights hitting the market to date. The titanium Xtreme features a 2 inch sight housing for max FOV in low lighting conditions, laser marking for horizontal and elevation adjustments, and rear LED deployment for easy access and concealment. The Titanium Xtreme sight is definitely going to come out swinging this year.

    Carbon Express CX2 Crossbow

    Carbon Express CX 2 Crossbow

    The Carbon Express CX2 Crossbow is the newest addition to Carbon Expresses crossbow lineup. The CX2 was engineered to produce lightning fast speeds and bone crushing power without sacrificing overall bow comfort. The CX2 features an anodized aluminum rail, carbon infused limbs and premium strings and cables for a quality accurate shot every time you shoot. The Carbon Express CX2 also sports an adjustable forearm and foregrip to accomodate any shooting style and also includes a 3 arrow quiver, 3 Maxima Hunter bolts and a deluxe lighted scope with red/green illuminations for variable lighting conditions.

    Altus Brand Target Tarps – 3D target Protection

    Altus Target Tarps

    Altus Brand has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Glenrock archery who is the maker of the target tarps. The target tarps are a simple yet very effective solution to extending the life of your 3D targets and regular targets. The target tarps are the only protective cover that will accomodate most deer, goat, bighorn and antelope targets. On top of the tarps for 3D archery there are also 6 other tarps to accomodate different sized regular targets as well. The target tarps feature UV and water resistant material, while still allowing moisture to escape from the inside keeping your target dry. Multiple tie down options and ultimate ease of use makes this product a sure fire way to protect your target investment(s)

    Spot-On Laser Broadheads

    Spot On Laser Broadheads

    The Spot-On laser broadhead from Clean-Shot although not really new for this year is still IMO worth a mention for this product list. These broadheads feature a hollow center tip which houses a small laser which is automatically activated when the bow is drawn. The benefit of these broadheads is that they eliminate parallax Error which is common with the use of a peep sight. The Spot-On broadhead laser beam can be adjusted via set screw, and comes with a disposable battery pack that is good for up to 100 shots.

    NAP Big Nasty D6 Broadhead

    NAP Big Nasty D6 Broadheads are the first “over-the-shaft” broadheads. This broadhead design allows for a much better broadhead to arrow alignment which translates to field point accuracy and great penetration. With NAPS D6 broadheads the arrow shaft acts as the ferrule which increases durability on top of the already durable stainless steel construction. These Broadheads have been made to fit the Easton Injexion arrows or arrows fitted with the Deep Six insert.

    Check out more pictures and products from the ATA Show here – ATA PICTURES

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