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    2012 ATA Show Day 1 and 2 Pictures

    The 2012 ATA show has been a great experience so far.  Although many of the products are upgrades or returns from previous years, the ATA show did not disappoint.  There was a lot to go through and we did spend a lot of time talking with the vendors and had some fun.  We were however able to get some good pictures of the show and of some new and upgraded products that will be hitting stores this year for 2012.

    We start of with a picture from the outer floor area. This is just a general picture of some of the ATA Exhibits that were present this year.

    2012 ata show

    X-Press came out with their new updated model of their bowpress as seen in the pictures below.  As you can see one of the major differences is the wheels that have been attached to the bowpress.  This along with a bunch of new features and upgrades makes this bowpress a must have for all shop owners this year.

    X-Press BowPress

    X-Press BowPress 2

    What kind of Archery show doesn’t have cool realistic looking taxidermy animals.  This is a picture of my Dad and brother posing with a stuffed bear.

    Stuffed Bear ATA

    Again some very well done taxidermy of some deer.

    Stuffed deer ATA

    This is a picture of the long anticipated Bowtech Insanity.  I was lucky enough to be able to shoot it and aside from a very mean draw (hard not rough), it is an excellent bow; very smooth, quiet and quick.  This will definitely be one of the possible top contenders in the 2012 bow lineup this year.

    Bowtech Insanity ATA

    This was really really cool, it was a poster of a record sized moose that had been shot and stuffed.  Below is the poster of the moose’s score and weight along with a picture of my dad standing next to it for a look at just how big this beautiful creature is.

    record postser ATA

    record poster closeup ATA

    Record Moose ATA

    This is the SABO sight from the company “Tactical Archery Systems”  The sight works off the same type of technology used in the military for rapid target acquisition.  The superimposed dots for the sight are generated by ambient light gathered through fiber optics and does not use any electronics.

    Tactical Archery System ATA

    Tactical Archery System Sight ATA

    These are just a few shots from the Rocket Broadheads booth that I thought were pretty neat.

    Rocket Broadheads ATA

    Rocket Broadheads ATA

    A motorized trailer that you can go into the bush and can help you drag your animal out.  It seemed to have a solid design with some decent specs and capabilities on paper, however in reality I’m not so sure how it would stand up it’ll be interesting to put one to the test.

    Motorized Game Cart ATA

    Motorized Game Cart ATA

    A new Broadhead from HartCraft was introduced this year at the ATA show.  The reason I included it in my pictures was that its a single broadhead that can fit 5 different types of blades depending on the game your hunting.  The ferrule  and the blades are all 100% stainless steel and all blades have one point of impact so that you can easily change out each blade set without having to re sight in your bow.

    Exchange Broadheads ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Just a picture of a truck that looked pretty cool suped up with all of the camo print and accessories.  Unfortunately this was not a film diping company or a camo truck decal company, however I did think it was worth the add into this post.

    Camo Truck ATA

    Camo Wheel View 1 ATA

    Camo Wheel View 2 ATA

    This is a really neat looking crossbow from KodaBow.  They specialize in making hunting and tactical crossbows for the serious archers out there.

    Kodabow Crossbow ATA

    Kodabow Crossbow ATA

    Personally I have never seen this before, however what this is is an archery skeet shooting set.  The first picture shows the target launching machine that launches foam discs into the air.  The second picture shows the arrows that are used to shoot at these targets.  This definitely was a neat idea and hey definitely something I wouldn’t mind trying myself.

    Aerial Target Launcher ATA

    Archery Skeet Set ATA


    That completes the pictures from  days 1 and 2  I am hoping to continue to get a few more pictures tomorrow for the last day.

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