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    Increase your Accuracy by Shooting without a Peep Sight

    archery peep sight

    Peep sights have been and are being used by most of the archers out there today, however what many archers don’t know is that by ditching that peep sight and learning how to shoot your bow without its use you can dramatically improve not only the accuracy but also the consistency of your shots. For any of you who are currently using a peep sight or who have used one in the past there are a few negatives about them.

    1. Twisting – Peep Sights are notorious for twisting and shifting position on the string. This is a huge problem when you are at full draw and you are unable to see through your peep sight.

    2. Hole Blocked – With a peep sight you may notice that after traveling through the bush or maybe during a light rain that the hold can become blocked by drops of rain, dirt, sticks and whatever else you may encounter while hunting. This can leave you fighting to see your target or spending time trying to clear away the blockage.

    3. Reduced visibility – Due to the small hole, and design of most peeps it can really restrict the amount of light that is allowed through the peep sight thus greatly reducing your visibility especially in the early morning or evening when the sun is less bright.

    These are just a few of the more common problems that archers normally experience with a peep sight, however shooting without a peep sight takes all of these disadvantages away and once you have learned how to shoot without it, you will notice that your accuracy and consistency will have improved.

    How to shoot without a Peep Sight

    Shooting your bow without the use of a peep sight can take some getting used to however, the concept is very simple. The biggest key to shooting without the use of a peep sight is your anchor point(s). Usually its best to have 2 anchor points that you can hit every time you draw your bow. This is literally the biggest most crucial part of shooting your bow without a peep.

    Next when you draw the bow you will notice that the string will be in your line of sight, this is completely normal so what you have to do is simple tilt your head a bit to the right or left so that you can just see your pins on the left or right side of the string.

    That is really all there is to shooting without a peep sight. As long as you sight your bow in and shoot your bow with the exact same anchor points each and every time, and looking to the same side of the string each and every time, you will be able to shoot without a peep sight.

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