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    Top Bowhunting Tips for a Successful Hunt

    bowhunting deerBowhunting season is closing in fast and before you know it, you’ll be heading out for trophy animal this season.  Bowhunting is not cheap and it takes a lot of time effort and dedication to be able to pull off a successful hunt.  In order to make your chances of being able to bag your trophy animal this coming season here are a few top bowhunting tips to improve your chances of a successful hunt.

    Know the Area – This tip may seem obvious but it really isn’t enough to know of the general area.  In order to get a chance at a shot this season you need to know where the animals are, how they travel, where they feed and drink etc.  The more you know about the area you will be hunting the better your chances of having a successful hunt.

    Know your Game – Bowhunting is all about accuracy and making sure that you take a shot that will land in the kill zone of the animal that you are hunting.  It is important to study where the kill zone(heart and lungs) is on the animal you will be hunting so that you don’t end up losing the animal or having to track it for hours because has been wounded.

    Don’t Forget your Tools – Nothing and I say again nothing is more upsetting than getting all the way out to your hunting spot and realizing that something has become loose or has broken and you have no tools to be able to fix it.  Remember that out in the bush anything can happen and it is best to be prepared.  Make sure to bring Allen wrenches, pliers, and a pocket knife.

    Spares are a Must – When hunting there is no telling when Murphy will show up to give you a bad day so it is always a good idea to keep a spare sight, rest and string/cable on hand should any of your others break.  That being said if your string does break, get cut or anything else that makes it unsafe to shoot you should also have a portable bow press on hand as well.

    Use yardage markers – Regardless of whether you’re shooting from a treestand or on the ground making use of yardage markers will make it a whole lot easier to guess the yardage of the animal when it comes in to shot range.  These markers can be logs, rocks, grassy patches, corn patches or whatever.  Obviously natural things that are already in the area are best because the animals will already be used to them.

    Give your Bow a Tune up – Before you step foot into the bush you should take some time to tune your bow.  Tuning your bow will ensure that your arrow is flying true and straight out of the bow and that you are getting the max kinetic energy out of your arrow when it hits the animal. In order to properly tune your bow you should make use of paper tuning.  This will give you a graphic representation of how your arrow is flying out of the bow and will help you to make the appropriate adjustments.

    Remember bowhunting is not just about venturing out into the wild with a bow, finding a random spot and sitting there all day until an animal comes along.  It takes a lot more than that to be consistently accurate and to have a truly successful hunt.

    2 Responses to “2011 Bowhunter’s Hunting Gadget Wish List”

    1. Lgoddard Says:

      Just got my bow, am new to archery and bowhunting. Thanks for the tips, don’t think I will be hunting this season, just practicing.

    2. Houston Archery Says:

      Bow hunting is the most challenging hobbies which an individual can possess. For a better shooting one needs a good practice, so it will be better to first practice in the indoor archery then go for the final hunting. This will lessen the disappointment to some extent.

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