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    5 Archery Tips for Maximizing the Life of your Bow String

    The bow string is a very critical part of your archery setup. Obviously without your bow string it would be impossible to shoot arrows from your bow.  It is because of the critical nature that you make sure that you are taking care of your bow string and ensuring that it is in good condition each and every time you shoot.  Eventually however your bow string will need to be replaced due to wear, dry rot, or damage.  Replacing the bow string is a normal part of archery however there are things you can do in order to maximize the life of the string and cables on your bow so that you can go longer in between replacement periods. Here are some archery tips that will help you to maximize your bow string.

    1.Wax your String

    This tip here is one of the best ways to keep you bow string in tip top shape longer.  The purpose of the wax is to put a coating over your string to keep it soft, flexible and dry.  It also helps against fraying of the string.  You should wax your bow string fairly often and really work it in so that it can penetrate into the strands of the bow string.

    2.Use a String Loop

    A string loop mainly helps against destroying your serving, which in turn will destroy your bow string.  A string loop is a small piece of cord that is tied to the bow string around where the arrow nock is attached.  The release is then placed on the loop instead of the bow string serving which greatly reduces the damage to the serving.

    3.Don’t Dry fire your Bow

    The fastest way to destroy your bow string is to dry fire your bow.  The act of dry firing a bow is basically just drawing and releasing the bow string without an arrow.  Dry firing a bow in most cases will snap your bow string, possibly your cables and has a good chance of cracking your bow limbs.  This is obviously a very costly mistake and one that should be avoided at all costs.

    4.Store your Bow away from Sharp objects

    A lot of  archers store their bows in hard cases along with a lot of their bow accessories and other items that they use while out on a course, or in the field.  It is important that if you are going to do this that you store any sharp objects such as tools or broadheads in hard plastic containers or separate from your bow altogether.  It is common for items to move around and become entangled with your bow string, this could cause cutting, scraping or creasing of your bow string which will reduce its life.

    5.Clean the Cams and Wheels

    If you are a bowhunter or you shoot competitively on a course where there are trees and shrubs all around it is important that you check your bow over for any twigs, small stones, dirt or other debris that could have found its way into the cam or wheel tract where the string lies.  This debris can over time wear down your bow string and can cause it to snap or wear out long before it should.

    Your bow string can last you a good long time if you are willing to take care of it, and take the necessary precautions to ensure that it does not become damaged through carelessness.

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