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    Archery Games – Top 5 Archery Android Games

    Archery games are becoming more and more popular as with the actual sport.  Archery games can be very addictive because they require skill, patience and accuracy as well as the regular challenging type goals and obstacles that comes with regular games.  One of the fastest growing ways to play games these days is on smartphones and tablets.  Here are 5 of the top rated archery games for android smartphones and tablets.

    1.  Archery (Innovative Games)

    archery android game

    Archery by Innovative Games is a very simple and addictive archery game for the android platform.  The point of the game is to shoot the arrow and hit the target.  As the levels increase so does the distance of the target.  This game will keep score for you and you can even enter your score onto the scoreboard that is tallied all over the world.  This archery game is a great way to waste time and have fun while doing it.  You can get it here – Archery from Google Play

    2.  Archer World Cup 2

    archery world cup 2 android game

    Archer World Cup 2 is a fun and addictive archery game that adds in the obstacles of shaking and wind to make shooting and scoring well just that much tougher.  Overall this game is not too bad, it offers good game play and definitely gives you a challenge.  This is an archery game that is worth taking a look at. You can get it here – Archer WorldCup2

    3. Queens Arrow

    queens archery game for android

    Queen’s Arrow is a anime type archery game that offers pretty good graphics and 8 competitors that you must compete against and beat.  The game play is fairly simple and involves shooting an arrow at different targets of different difficulties.  This archery game is good for wasting some time and having fun.  You can get it here – Queen’s Arrow at Google Play

    4.  Archery Shooting

    archery shooting game for android

    Archery shooting doesn’t really look like much, the graphics are just alright but it does offer a good level of fun and addictiveness.  In this game you must try to shoot as many targets as you can in a certain amount of time.  Each level becomes harder and harder and really makes for a challenge that will have you occupied for awhile.  You can get it here – Archery Shooting from Google Play

    5. Fruit Shoot

    fruit shoot archery game for android

    Fruit shoot is a very fun and addictive game that will keep you engaged for hours.  This archery game is more cartoonish but the graphics are great and the game play is well worth the time it takes to download and play it.  You can grab this archery game for your android device here – Fruit Shoot from Google Play.

    Archery games are fun and addictive and with these top rated archery games you will have hours of fun.

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