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    Archery How To – Properly Waxing your Bow String

    Waxing your bow string is an essential part of taking care of your bow.  This applies to all types of bows including crossbows, compound, traditional and long bows.  Waxing your bow string will not only extend the overall life of your string, it will keep it from getting frayed, damaged by water or debris and will help to keep the strands from becoming dried out and less flexible. Waxing your bow string is pretty simple to do and only takes a few minutes of time.  Here are the steps outlined on how to properly wax your bow string.]

    Step 1:  Make sure that your bow string is clear of any dirt or debris.  This can be done by using a clean dry cloth, or using a soft brush.

    Step 2: Take the wax(usually in a tube) and apply the wax to the bow string.  You want to apply a good amount but you don’t want to overdo it.  The key here is just to make sure the wax covers the string with a thin coat.

    Step 3: Take your finger and thumb and just rub the wax into the string.  The friction will cause the bow wax to melt and make it easier for the wax to leak into the crevices and cover the whole bow string.

    Step 4: Take a dry cloth and just wipe and remove any excess wax that has built up at the top or bottom of the string or at the arrow serving points.

    That’s it you have successfully waxed your bow string.  You should remember to do this regularly especially when and if your archery bow is getting a lot of use.  Taking these steps will ensure that you are protecting your investment and maximizing the life of your bow string.

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