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    Bow and Arrow – The complete Guide

    The bow and arrow has been used for millenia as a weapon of war, hunting and sport.  The bow and arrow consists of basically as the name states a bow and arrows.  The bow which is the projectile launching weapon is often made of wood, aluminum, carbon fiber or a mixture of these components and is available in different types as listed below.

    Traditional Bow

    This type of bow is usually made of wood and consists of different layers that make up the bow riser (middle part) and the limbs.  This type of bow is more along the lines of what was used all throughout history.


    The crossbow is usually made of aluminum and carbon fiber. This type of bow is similar in style to a gun as it has a stock and a trigger.  Crossbows are basically just a traditional bow built to shoot like a gun (although does not have the power of a gun).

    Compound Bow

    The Compound Bow is newer style of bow that features cams, and/or wheels on the limbs.  This allows for greater arrow speeds, smoother draw cycles, and the possibility of let off making it easier to keep the bow at full draw for a longer period of time.  Compound Bows are usually made of aluminum and carbon fiber, and allows for additions of many types of accessories.

    Arrows are the second part of the bow and arrow combo.  The arrows are the actual projectiles and while they used to be made of wood, these days they are more commonly made of carbon or aluminum.  This allows for greater accuracy, durability, and ability to customize with different arrow heads.

    The 2 main uses for bow and arrows today are for hunting and sport. In general bows are pretty universal and can be used for both hunting and sport, however like any other sport there are companies that tailor compound and traditional type bows specifically for sport/competition.  These specific bows are usually lighter and more accurate.

    Bow and Arrows can range widely in price anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.  The price of a bow and arrow is dependent on factors such as the company name, materials used, popularity, and quality of the bow.  It is important to be said that Archery is an expensive sport to get into however once you have the equipment it is not very expensive to maintain and upkeep your equipment.  The key to getting a quality bow and arrow for a decent price is to shop around and do your research.

    With most bow and arrows today there is a need for certain accessories that will help to make it easier to shoot.  These accessories include the following components:


    Bow sights are often made of plastic or metal, and include metal or fiber optic pins that help you to be able to accurately aim at your targets, instead of eying it up like traditional archers used to have to do.


    Bow rests come is all different types, shapes, sizes and materials and helps to support your arrow.  It used to be that the arrow would rest on the shelf however, the arrow often tends to move and travel side to side which can cause very inaccurate shots.  Bow rests however help to curb that behavior and allow for more accurate shots and less arrow movement.


    A bow release is a mechanical accessory that grabs onto the string or string loop and assists you in pulling back the bow string so that you do not have to use your fingers.  This is a great help as with a lot of bows today you are pulling 50 to 70 lbs and this can really work to damage the joints in your fingers.

    Vibration Dampners

    When any bow is shot there is always vibrations from the string that can often be thrown into the bow riser and can be felt in your hand.  This can be virtually removed with the use of vibration dampners.

    Where to get a bow and arrow?

    Bow and Arrows can be bought many places including Ebay, Kijiji, pawn shops, classifieds and many other 2nd hand type places.  However these places offer as is equipment that may not even fit you properly or work properly.  If you are new to the sport and don’t know what to look for it will be worth your while to go to an archery shop.  These shops have experienced archers that can help educate you and get you archery equipment that fits you at a good price.

    Archery is a very challenging but fun sport that can be enjoyed by everybody in the family. For this reason The bow and arrow is quickly gaining in popularity and will continue to do so.  So I encourage you to get out there get yourself a bow and arrows and start enjoying the great sport of archery.

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    Top Bowhunting Tips for a Successful Hunt

    bowhunting deerBowhunting season is closing in fast and before you know it, you’ll be heading out for trophy animal this season.  Bowhunting is not cheap and it takes a lot of time effort and dedication to be able to pull off a successful hunt.  In order to make your chances of being able to bag your trophy animal this coming season here are a few top bowhunting tips to improve your chances of a successful hunt.

    Know the Area – This tip may seem obvious but it really isn’t enough to know of the general area.  In order to get a chance at a shot this season you need to know where the animals are, how they travel, where they feed and drink etc.  The more you know about the area you will be hunting the better your chances of having a successful hunt.

    Know your Game – Bowhunting is all about accuracy and making sure that you take a shot that will land in the kill zone of the animal that you are hunting.  It is important to study where the kill zone(heart and lungs) is on the animal you will be hunting so that you don’t end up losing the animal or having to track it for hours because has been wounded.

    Don’t Forget your Tools – Nothing and I say again nothing is more upsetting than getting all the way out to your hunting spot and realizing that something has become loose or has broken and you have no tools to be able to fix it.  Remember that out in the bush anything can happen and it is best to be prepared.  Make sure to bring Allen wrenches, pliers, and a pocket knife.

    Spares are a Must – When hunting there is no telling when Murphy will show up to give you a bad day so it is always a good idea to keep a spare sight, rest and string/cable on hand should any of your others break.  That being said if your string does break, get cut or anything else that makes it unsafe to shoot you should also have a portable bow press on hand as well.

    Use yardage markers – Regardless of whether you’re shooting from a treestand or on the ground making use of yardage markers will make it a whole lot easier to guess the yardage of the animal when it comes in to shot range.  These markers can be logs, rocks, grassy patches, corn patches or whatever.  Obviously natural things that are already in the area are best because the animals will already be used to them.

    Give your Bow a Tune up – Before you step foot into the bush you should take some time to tune your bow.  Tuning your bow will ensure that your arrow is flying true and straight out of the bow and that you are getting the max kinetic energy out of your arrow when it hits the animal. In order to properly tune your bow you should make use of paper tuning.  This will give you a graphic representation of how your arrow is flying out of the bow and will help you to make the appropriate adjustments.

    Remember bowhunting is not just about venturing out into the wild with a bow, finding a random spot and sitting there all day until an animal comes along.  It takes a lot more than that to be consistently accurate and to have a truly successful hunt.

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    Increase your Accuracy by Shooting without a Peep Sight

    archery peep sight

    Peep sights have been and are being used by most of the archers out there today, however what many archers don’t know is that by ditching that peep sight and learning how to shoot your bow without its use you can dramatically improve not only the accuracy but also the consistency of your shots. For any of you who are currently using a peep sight or who have used one in the past there are a few negatives about them.

    1. Twisting – Peep Sights are notorious for twisting and shifting position on the string. This is a huge problem when you are at full draw and you are unable to see through your peep sight.

    2. Hole Blocked – With a peep sight you may notice that after traveling through the bush or maybe during a light rain that the hold can become blocked by drops of rain, dirt, sticks and whatever else you may encounter while hunting. This can leave you fighting to see your target or spending time trying to clear away the blockage.

    3. Reduced visibility – Due to the small hole, and design of most peeps it can really restrict the amount of light that is allowed through the peep sight thus greatly reducing your visibility especially in the early morning or evening when the sun is less bright.

    These are just a few of the more common problems that archers normally experience with a peep sight, however shooting without a peep sight takes all of these disadvantages away and once you have learned how to shoot without it, you will notice that your accuracy and consistency will have improved.

    How to shoot without a Peep Sight

    Shooting your bow without the use of a peep sight can take some getting used to however, the concept is very simple. The biggest key to shooting without the use of a peep sight is your anchor point(s). Usually its best to have 2 anchor points that you can hit every time you draw your bow. This is literally the biggest most crucial part of shooting your bow without a peep.

    Next when you draw the bow you will notice that the string will be in your line of sight, this is completely normal so what you have to do is simple tilt your head a bit to the right or left so that you can just see your pins on the left or right side of the string.

    That is really all there is to shooting without a peep sight. As long as you sight your bow in and shoot your bow with the exact same anchor points each and every time, and looking to the same side of the string each and every time, you will be able to shoot without a peep sight.

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    2012 Bowtech Insanity Overview

    2012 Bowtech Insanity
    Speed: 355 FPS
    Axle to Axle: 32″
    Brace Height: 6″
    Draw Length: 25.5″ – 30″
    Draw Weight: 50, 60, 70, 80 LBS
    Overall Weight: 4.3lbs
    Let-Off: 80%
    MSRP ~$999.00
    Speed: 340 FPS
    Axle to Axle: 35″
    Brace Height: 7″
    Draw Length: 27.5″ – 32″
    Draw Weight: 50, 60, 70, 80 LBS
    Overall Weight: 4.4lbs
    Let-Off: 80%
    MSRP ~$1049.00

    After months of anticipation and secrecy Bowtech released their pride and joy at this year’s 2012 ATA show. The 2012 Bowtech Insanity was one of the top most anticipated attractions this year at the show and as expected drew a large crowd. The 2012 Bowtech Insanity comes in 2 models the first being the Insanity CPX which is a 32″ axle to axle bow with IBO speeds of 355fps, and the other model is the CPXL which is the 35″ axle to axle model shooting IBO speeds of 340fps.

    The 2012 Bowtech Insanity bows have a few great features that are sure to grab the attention of bowhunters this upcoming year. Among these features include the Center Pivot Extreme Technology, which helps to provide more forgivness and accuracy in the line of shooter torque. OverDrive Binary Cam system to help prevent cam lean, and create a smooth draw.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot the Bowtech Insanity this year at the ATA show and I found that it had a very smooth but aggressive draw, the bow felt very light and had a good feel to it when pulled back enough to activate the entire let-off. Upon releasing the arrow it doesn’t take long to realize the true power and energy creating that gets thrown behind the arrow. I did notice some vibration within the bow, as well as a very slight kick however it’s important to note that this was a bare bow setup and I am confident that if set up with a good stabilizer this would remedy these minor issues.

    All in all this is a great bow with a lot of great features, the only thing I have to complain about is that in my opinion compared to the other competing bows out there the price for the 2012 Bowtech Insanity is quite steep, and may end up hurting sales in regions where the economy is not the greatest.

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    Excalibur Unveils NEW 2012 Eclipse XT

    Velocity: 330 FPS
    Power Stroke: 200 LBS
    Mass Weight: 6.3 LBS
    Overall Weight: 37.4″
    Arrow Length: 20″
    Arrow Weight(gr.): 350 Grains
    Stock Type: Thumbhole
    Finish: Black Carbon

    Excalibur has released information about their new crossbow for 2012. The New 2012 Excalibur Eclipse XT is set to be released in “early 2012″ as posted on Excalibur’s website. The New Eclipse takes a look at the darker side of Excalibur with its black carbon finish and tactical look. This crossbow is based on the popular 200lb thumbhole stock platform and it built with the hunter in mind.

    The New 2012 Excalibur Eclipse XT boasts speeds of up to 330 FPS with a 350 grain bolt, and deliveres pin-point accuracy and enough kinetic energy to cover the wide range of game all over North America and weighs in at only 6.3lbs. The Eclipse XT also comes sporting Excalibur’s S5 sound and vibration control system and matching cheek piece to further increase your shot conmfortability and consistency.

    The 2012 Excalibur Eclipse XT will with an included package that will feature Excalibur’s Shadow-Zone scope and mounting bracket, 4 firebolt 350 grain arrows attached with field points, Excalibur’s 3 arrow quiver bracket and matching quiver. This whole 2012 Eclipse Crossbow package is estimated to run about $920.00.

    It will be interesting to see how this years new crossbow from Excalibur fare’s against its competitors like the New Carbon Express CX2 or the TenPoint Carbon Fusion CLS

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    Nose Jammer – A New Revolution in Scent Control

    Nose Jammer Scent Control

    I came across this very interesting product at the ATA show and have been so impressed with what I have seen and read that I feel as though this is a product that I would like to share with all of my readers.  As most hunters already know, keeping your scent away from the game you’re hunting is a crucial and often hard to accomplish task especially when dealing with skittish game such as deer.

    The problem with most cover scents and other cover products (soaps, clothing etc) is that no matter how much you put on or how good it is, the truth is that to the game your hunting, you stink we have a strange odor about you that spooks them.  Our bodies are constantly creating and giving off this smell.  It’s embedded into our clothes, car seats, hunting equipment and everything else we touch.

    This is where the beauty of Nose Jammer comes in.  This product is not an attractant and not a cover scent it is a revolutionary idea that will certainly lead to less spooked dear and more trophy animal bagged.  The idea of the Nose Jammer product is to take natural scents from trees and vegetation that the animals are used to smelling and dealing with all the time; concentrate them and turn it into a spray that when picked up by the game’s nose will overload its scent receptors with smell essentially crashing their sensor ability thus making it nearly impossible for the game to pick up on your scent.

    On top of making it near impossible for the game you’re hunting to smell you, the Nose Jammer also has the added ability to calm the deer’s reflexes with the use of vanillin.  Vanillin is a wood by-product that is present in many trees including the maple tree as well as shrubs all found in the game’s natural habitat.  Vanillin through many studies has been found to calm the startle reflex in both hunters and game, which ends in a deadly combination for your trophy animal.

    At the show I was able to converse with the creator of this product and found that they had done numerous field tests wit this product and had found that deer had exhibited 3 main responses to Nose Jammer.

    - The first reaction from the deer what that there was no reaction at all.  The deer seemed to ignore the smell simply equating it to a normal habitat smell.

    - The second reaction was that the deer upon coming into range of the scent quickly looked up smelling the air, after a couple minutes they calmly resumed what they had been doing before they smelled the Nose Jammer product.

    - Thirdly the last reaction exhibited by the deer were that the dear raised their head sniffing the air and then started to bolt the other way, only to stop after 30 yds looking back and realizing there was nothing to be scared of and then walking back to their original spot to continue what they had been doing before.

    If you want more information about this revolutionary product that is sure to be apart of most bowhunter’s arsenals learn more about it here – Nose Jammer – Scent Overload.

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    2012 ATA Show Day 1 and 2 Pictures

    The 2012 ATA show has been a great experience so far.  Although many of the products are upgrades or returns from previous years, the ATA show did not disappoint.  There was a lot to go through and we did spend a lot of time talking with the vendors and had some fun.  We were however able to get some good pictures of the show and of some new and upgraded products that will be hitting stores this year for 2012.

    We start of with a picture from the outer floor area. This is just a general picture of some of the ATA Exhibits that were present this year.

    2012 ata show

    X-Press came out with their new updated model of their bowpress as seen in the pictures below.  As you can see one of the major differences is the wheels that have been attached to the bowpress.  This along with a bunch of new features and upgrades makes this bowpress a must have for all shop owners this year.

    X-Press BowPress

    X-Press BowPress 2

    What kind of Archery show doesn’t have cool realistic looking taxidermy animals.  This is a picture of my Dad and brother posing with a stuffed bear.

    Stuffed Bear ATA

    Again some very well done taxidermy of some deer.

    Stuffed deer ATA

    This is a picture of the long anticipated Bowtech Insanity.  I was lucky enough to be able to shoot it and aside from a very mean draw (hard not rough), it is an excellent bow; very smooth, quiet and quick.  This will definitely be one of the possible top contenders in the 2012 bow lineup this year.

    Bowtech Insanity ATA

    This was really really cool, it was a poster of a record sized moose that had been shot and stuffed.  Below is the poster of the moose’s score and weight along with a picture of my dad standing next to it for a look at just how big this beautiful creature is.

    record postser ATA

    record poster closeup ATA

    Record Moose ATA

    This is the SABO sight from the company “Tactical Archery Systems”  The sight works off the same type of technology used in the military for rapid target acquisition.  The superimposed dots for the sight are generated by ambient light gathered through fiber optics and does not use any electronics.

    Tactical Archery System ATA

    Tactical Archery System Sight ATA

    These are just a few shots from the Rocket Broadheads booth that I thought were pretty neat.

    Rocket Broadheads ATA

    Rocket Broadheads ATA

    A motorized trailer that you can go into the bush and can help you drag your animal out.  It seemed to have a solid design with some decent specs and capabilities on paper, however in reality I’m not so sure how it would stand up it’ll be interesting to put one to the test.

    Motorized Game Cart ATA

    Motorized Game Cart ATA

    A new Broadhead from HartCraft was introduced this year at the ATA show.  The reason I included it in my pictures was that its a single broadhead that can fit 5 different types of blades depending on the game your hunting.  The ferrule  and the blades are all 100% stainless steel and all blades have one point of impact so that you can easily change out each blade set without having to re sight in your bow.

    Exchange Broadheads ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Exchange Broadhead Set ATA

    Just a picture of a truck that looked pretty cool suped up with all of the camo print and accessories.  Unfortunately this was not a film diping company or a camo truck decal company, however I did think it was worth the add into this post.

    Camo Truck ATA

    Camo Wheel View 1 ATA

    Camo Wheel View 2 ATA

    This is a really neat looking crossbow from KodaBow.  They specialize in making hunting and tactical crossbows for the serious archers out there.

    Kodabow Crossbow ATA

    Kodabow Crossbow ATA

    Personally I have never seen this before, however what this is is an archery skeet shooting set.  The first picture shows the target launching machine that launches foam discs into the air.  The second picture shows the arrows that are used to shoot at these targets.  This definitely was a neat idea and hey definitely something I wouldn’t mind trying myself.

    Aerial Target Launcher ATA

    Archery Skeet Set ATA


    That completes the pictures from  days 1 and 2  I am hoping to continue to get a few more pictures tomorrow for the last day.

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    2012 ATA Show – A Look at the Whats New for 2012


    That time of year is almost here, the 2012 ATA show is just around the corner starting Jan 10. This is one of the, if not the biggest archery show of the year where archery companies new and old flock to show off they’re latest and greatest for merchandise for the upcoming year to all of the retailers and private vendors. This year the 2012 ATA show is being held in Ohio and is promising some big names with some incredible products that archers and bowhunters from all over can’t wait to get a chance to see and get their hands on.

    This year we have our tickets and will be going to cover this incredible archery event. We will be taking pictures and making posts of our day to day adventures and products we see and will be giving you an inside look at the latest products itching to hit the stores for your entertainment this year.

    We will also be posting some pictures and some information on our new forum so be sure to check it out here Archery Buff Forum.


    NAP ArmorRest Capture Rest

    NAP Capture Rest

    The NAP armorRest is a full capture drop away rest for those hunters and shooters that enjoy a capture rest that can hold your arrow at literally any angle you have it at. Numerous tests and studies have concluded that the NAP ArmorRest gets fletching clearance every time whether you are using vanes or FOBs. With this full capture drop away rest you get no bounce backs and because of the rubberized coating that covers the rest you get a quiet yet rugged rest that performs every time you shoot. Unlike the competition the NAP ArmorRest features titanium arms which greatly reduces weight and adds an added boost of durability. The ArmorRest is sure to turn heads this year.

    Bowtech Insanity CPX and CPXL

    Bowtech Insanity CPX

    The Bowtech Insanity is the much anticipated bow that has been held under wraps by Bowtech for the last few months. The Bowtech Insanity comes in two models; CPX and CPXL both featuring Dual Overdrive Binary CAMS. This bow is an extremely smooth, quiet and fast bow, however in my opinion the draw cycle as compared to other bows on the market is a bit tougher. Regardless the Bowtech Insanity is definitely going to be a strong player this upcoming year.

    Archer Xtreme – Titanium Xtreme

    Archer Xtreme Titanium SIght

    The Archer Xtreme Titanium Sight is the first titanium sight to hit the market ever. The benefit of titanium is that it is twice the strength of steel while being 45% lighter. Archer Xtreme has used this to build one of the lightest yet most durable sights hitting the market to date. The titanium Xtreme features a 2 inch sight housing for max FOV in low lighting conditions, laser marking for horizontal and elevation adjustments, and rear LED deployment for easy access and concealment. The Titanium Xtreme sight is definitely going to come out swinging this year.

    Carbon Express CX2 Crossbow

    Carbon Express CX 2 Crossbow

    The Carbon Express CX2 Crossbow is the newest addition to Carbon Expresses crossbow lineup. The CX2 was engineered to produce lightning fast speeds and bone crushing power without sacrificing overall bow comfort. The CX2 features an anodized aluminum rail, carbon infused limbs and premium strings and cables for a quality accurate shot every time you shoot. The Carbon Express CX2 also sports an adjustable forearm and foregrip to accomodate any shooting style and also includes a 3 arrow quiver, 3 Maxima Hunter bolts and a deluxe lighted scope with red/green illuminations for variable lighting conditions.

    Altus Brand Target Tarps – 3D target Protection

    Altus Target Tarps

    Altus Brand has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Glenrock archery who is the maker of the target tarps. The target tarps are a simple yet very effective solution to extending the life of your 3D targets and regular targets. The target tarps are the only protective cover that will accomodate most deer, goat, bighorn and antelope targets. On top of the tarps for 3D archery there are also 6 other tarps to accomodate different sized regular targets as well. The target tarps feature UV and water resistant material, while still allowing moisture to escape from the inside keeping your target dry. Multiple tie down options and ultimate ease of use makes this product a sure fire way to protect your target investment(s)

    Spot-On Laser Broadheads

    Spot On Laser Broadheads

    The Spot-On laser broadhead from Clean-Shot although not really new for this year is still IMO worth a mention for this product list. These broadheads feature a hollow center tip which houses a small laser which is automatically activated when the bow is drawn. The benefit of these broadheads is that they eliminate parallax Error which is common with the use of a peep sight. The Spot-On broadhead laser beam can be adjusted via set screw, and comes with a disposable battery pack that is good for up to 100 shots.

    NAP Big Nasty D6 Broadhead

    NAP Big Nasty D6 Broadheads are the first “over-the-shaft” broadheads. This broadhead design allows for a much better broadhead to arrow alignment which translates to field point accuracy and great penetration. With NAPS D6 broadheads the arrow shaft acts as the ferrule which increases durability on top of the already durable stainless steel construction. These Broadheads have been made to fit the Easton Injexion arrows or arrows fitted with the Deep Six insert.

    Check out more pictures and products from the ATA Show here – ATA PICTURES

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    IBowSight – An Iphone App for the Bowhunting Techie

    IBowSight Iphone appIBowSight Color Chooser

    The new IBowSight Iphone 4 or Iphone 4S app that was recently released by Firenock is unique and ingenious application that uses both software and hardware to turn your Iphone 4 or 4S into an archery sight for your bow. The IBowSight app is fully customizable and your Iphone can be attached to your bow through Firenocks’ secure 8 point bracketing system which supports a wide range of bow models.

    The IBowSight Iphone App is a fantastic innovative bow sight that comes packed with a lot of features that include but are certainly not limited to:

    - Adjustable sight ring from 0.3″ radius to a larger 2.1″radius
    - Adjustable pin size allows adjustments from 0.012” to 0.240” in radius
    - A choice of up to 2.6 million pin colors and many different pin shapes
    - Add up to 7 pins to the IBowSight
    - Has digital zoom from 1.0X base on internal optics to 4.0x in increments of 0.01X
    - Built in water level for visual bow leveling

    Along with all of the built-in programmed features of the IBowSight Iphone app, the bracketing system comes with a pre-drilled hole for a screw mount lens system that can be used to enhance the visibility and clarity of the IBowSight application. These lenses are set at this point to include: wide angle, fish eye, telephoto, optical correction lens.

    The IBowSight also allows for up to 20000 different profiles and settings so that no matter where you hunt or which bow or arrows you use you will always be able to pull up the appropriate sight for your current configuration. The IBowSight App system also comes with a usb rain hood that will protect your Iphone should you be hunting in conditions of rain or snow.

    All in all this Iphone app looks to be an incredible innovation in archery technology. It will definitely be interesting to do some field testing on this setup and see how the IBowSight performs. If you would like more information or would like to get this application and try it for yourself you can visit Firenock’s IBowSight Website.

    If you have tried the IBowSight and would like to let other bowhunters know your thoughts, we would love to have you tell us your opinion below.

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    What Is Archery? – Everything you Need to Know

    What is Archery?

    Simply put archery is the process or skill of shooting or launching a long straight wooden, aluminum or carbon shaft called an arrow from a bow, hence the popular term “bow and arrow”. The word “archery” is derived from the latin word “arcus”, and was originally used as a means of both hunting and combat. A person who practices archery is referred to as an archer and one who is an expert at the art of archery is considered to be a “toxophilite”.

    The invention of the bow and arrow is not exactly clear but through artifacts, drawings and other historical evidence it is believed they were invented around 10,000 – 9000 BC. The arrows were made of pine and consisted of 2 parts, the mainshaft and foreshaft. The mainshaft made up most of the arrow with the foreshaft being about 6-8 inches long and had a flint or rock type tip fastened to it.

    Bows and arrows have been present and have been being used in war by many known civilizations such as:

    Although archery became a well practiced art in many civiliazations it was the Asian civilizations that really developed the art of archery and became very well known for their regiments of highly skilled archers. Once the domestication of the horse had set in the asians and the indians began practicing the art of archery on horseback which helped to gain mobility within war and hunting situations. Later on when the invention and guns came into play archery became an obsolete as a war or even hunting method as guns delivered more accuracy, range and effectiveness against game and foes.

    In terms of technology archery has come an incredibly long way since the art was invented. Archery is now becoming popular again as a way of hunting as well as for recreational sport. The Bow and arrows are nothing like they used to be, consisting of carbon, aluminum, graphite, metals and many other materials that have made it possible for the invention of new designs, increased accuracy and stability.

    Today arrows are made of one single shaft with a knock at the back and a tip at the front. The shafts are most commonly made of aluminum or carbon and the tips have been re-invented to include field tips, broadheads and blunt tips all consisting of hardened steel or hard plastic.

    Archery today is enjoyed by many including men, women and children who participate in the art for hunting and for competitive sport. Archery as a competitive sport has really become popular over the last few years and includes tournaments, olympics and variations of competitive target events such as 3D archery.

    Whether you are young or old archery is a very fun and exciting sport and is well worth getting into.

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