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    Archery Tips – 5 Tips to Better Accuracy

    In the world of archery the primary goal to being a great archer is accuracy. It goes without saying that the more accurately you can shoot your bow the better you will score in a competition, or the more kill shots you will deliver while hunting. Improving your archery shot accuracy comes down to three main factors – Proper form, Consistency and Practice.  The more you improve at any of these 3 factors the more accurately you will be able to shoot and the better Archer you will become.  Here are 5 archery tips that you can use to greatly improve your archery shot accuracy.

    1. Use 2 anchor points instead of one

    An anchor point is a point usually on your face where you can consistently place the bowstring or a part of your hand so that you know that you are pulling the bow back to the exact same point every time.  Commonly archers will use touching the bowstring to their nose, or placing the knuckle of their index finger in front of their ear lobe, or they may have a kisser button that hits the corner of their mouth.  Using an anchor point produces consistency and will therefore help to increase the overall accuracy of your shot.  By using two different anchor points it further solidifies this consistency and narrows the chances of slight differences in the placement of your first anchor points.

    2. Tune your Bow

    Tuning your bow can greatly increase your archery shot consistency.  Tuning your bow and the equipment on it will ensure that the arrow is being launched as straight as possible out of the bow.  It will also stop or greatly reduce the amount of arrow fletching contact on your bow accessories which can cause inconsistent and erratic flight of your arrow.  The best way to tune your bow is to use the [paper tuning method].

    3. Don’t punch the Trigger

    Punching or pulling the trigger on a release when you fire the bow can cause bow torque, flinching and inconsistent shot patterns.  When releasing your bow string it is important that you concentrate on aiming at the target and while doing this slowly start squeezing the release until it suddenly lets go of the string.  It should almost be a surprise to you when it releases the string.  In doing this it will allow for a more calm and smooth release which means more shot consistency and accuracy.

    4. Follow your Shot Through

    A lot of archers including myself have been guilty of not following through when the arrow has been released.  This is the same idea as golf and keeping your head down.  After releasing the bow many archers will drop the bow and look to see where their arrow went.  This can cause the arrow to drop, or can cause the arrow to hit equipment causing very erratic behavior in the flight pattern and consistency of your arrow.  It is very important that you keep your shot form, and the bow up until after your arrow has hit the target.  This will ensure that the arrow is making it out of the bow before you start bringing it down.

    5. Shoot a Comfortable Draw Weight

    Shooting a bow can be very tiring especially when you are pulling back more weight than you are used to.  If you are struggling to draw your bow then you will end up tiring out your muscles before you even start trying to steady and aim your bow. This will obviously cause you to start shaking or wavering and will cause inconsistent shots.  Try reducing the amount of weight you are pulling and increasing that weight slowly as you build up muscle and stamina.

    Archery is definitely a sport of skill and patience and will become more fun the better you begin to shoot.  Improving your archery accuracy will take time and dedication but if you adopt the above tips you will begin to notice your shooting accuracy improve.

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    Archery Tips – Improving your Shot Accuracy

    Accuracy is a major part of archery, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced shooter. Archers are always trying to improve their accuracy in order to get better penetration, and of course to get bragging rights.

    You see it with company ads all the time. They come out with these sights and rests that have been “designed with the archer in mind”; Guaranteed to make you more accurate.

    Well that’s great that the equipment is good and promotes accuracy but what good is accurate equipment, if your inaccuracy is due to your inconsistent form. In this article I am going to give you 3 pointers that will help you to improve your form and therefore improve your overall shot accuracy.

    The first pointer and probably the most important is that you need an Anchor point, I cannot stress this enough. If you take anything from this article take this pointer. It alone will improve your accuracy a great deal. When you draw your bow and are at full draw you have to find at least two points; one where you can anchor the string and two where you can anchor your hand EVERY time you draw your bow.

    When I’m shooting my first anchor point is putting my index knuckle behind my ear lobe, and my second anchor point is putting the string on the tip of my nose. In doing this I am guaranteeing that every time I shoot my bow I am going to be consistent therefore improving my shooting consistency and accuracy.

    The second pointer is your stance, yes your stance does play a major role in your shot accuracy. When shooting at a target you want to be standing so that your side is pointing at the target.

    Your feet should be pointing perpendicular to the target and should be a little less than shoulder width apart. The reason you want to stand this way is because it allows for the greatest stretch, so you can reach the full draw potential, and helps you to avoid letting the string creep forward on you before you let go, giving you the maximum speed from your bow.

    The third pointer is your grip. The way you grip the bow has a big effect on where the arrow will end up. Grip can be broken down into 2 factors; the strength of the grip and the way the hand is wrapped around the bow handle.

    When shooting your bow the best way to hold your bow is to put the center of the handle running down the muscle right under your thumb. You then want to place your 4 finger tips on the front of the handle (see Avoid Getting Stung by your Bow for pictures).

    When you grip the bow you want to grip it just hard enough to keep it in your hand. The most common problem with gripping it tightly is that you tend to torque(twist) your bow either left or right and that causes the arrows flight pattern to be erratic, ending in missing the mark you aimed for.

    Following these pointers will no doubt have you shooting more accurately and consistently than ever before. Now it does take a little while to get used to these pointers as most of us have to break our old habits and it also takes lot of practice to master true proper form but when you do finally get it you’ll be shooting like a pro.

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