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    Archery Accident Lessons- Carbon Arrow Shattering During Shot

    This topic has been talked about before but because of the seriousness and decent potential possibility of this issue happening I would like to re-post an article on the dangers of not properly checking your carbon arrows before shooting them. This article is not meant to scare you simply to bring awareness to a danger you can avoid.

    Carbon arrows are made from strands of carbon fibers and therefore have the possibility of sharttering if the arrow structure is compromised and the arrow is shot from a bow. The video below gives you an idea of how much stress the arrow receives when shot from a bow.

    One of the most important things to remember when shooting carbon arrows is that they need to be checked frequently for fractures, splintered areas, gouges and other possible structural compromises.  Too many archers and bowhunters alike simply pick up their arrows, or pull them from the target, place them in their quiver and continue withrout checking their arrows.

    Below are 2 videos the first depicting an arrow shattering during a shot and then second showing what can happen if the arrow shatters during your shot.  The second video is very graphic and if you are easily offended by graphic content don’t watch the second video, the front picture of it will give you a good enough idea of what can happen.

    The above video depicts only one scenario of what could happen if your arrow shatters. There are other scenarios can include the arrow hitting you in the face, your bow string breaking and causing your limbs to shatter and the arrow breaking being deflected and the tip hitting another part of your body.

    Aside from frequent random checks of your arrow which include bending and flexing the arrow to see any potential splintered areas or stress cracks there are a few situations in which you will want to check the arrow right after shooting it.  These situations include:

    - Arrow hitting the ground.
    - Hitting a tree or other hard object.
    - Any kind of deflection shot.
    - After shooting an animal.
    - If arrow is accidentally stepped on or flexed improperly.
    - Taking them out of storage

    These situations are just a few of the most likely situations however any situation where the arrow receives a greater unatural amount of stress than they were made for they should be given the flex and bend test and carefully looked over for any kind of structural compromise.

    Checking your arrows only takes a minute or tw0 and can most save you from getting badly hurt.  Let’s do what we can to keep safe and have a great hunting season.

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