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    Excalibur Unveils NEW 2012 Eclipse XT

    Velocity: 330 FPS
    Power Stroke: 200 LBS
    Mass Weight: 6.3 LBS
    Overall Weight: 37.4″
    Arrow Length: 20″
    Arrow Weight(gr.): 350 Grains
    Stock Type: Thumbhole
    Finish: Black Carbon

    Excalibur has released information about their new crossbow for 2012. The New 2012 Excalibur Eclipse XT is set to be released in “early 2012″ as posted on Excalibur’s website. The New Eclipse takes a look at the darker side of Excalibur with its black carbon finish and tactical look. This crossbow is based on the popular 200lb thumbhole stock platform and it built with the hunter in mind.

    The New 2012 Excalibur Eclipse XT boasts speeds of up to 330 FPS with a 350 grain bolt, and deliveres pin-point accuracy and enough kinetic energy to cover the wide range of game all over North America and weighs in at only 6.3lbs. The Eclipse XT also comes sporting Excalibur’s S5 sound and vibration control system and matching cheek piece to further increase your shot conmfortability and consistency.

    The 2012 Excalibur Eclipse XT will with an included package that will feature Excalibur’s Shadow-Zone scope and mounting bracket, 4 firebolt 350 grain arrows attached with field points, Excalibur’s 3 arrow quiver bracket and matching quiver. This whole 2012 Eclipse Crossbow package is estimated to run about $920.00.

    It will be interesting to see how this years new crossbow from Excalibur fare’s against its competitors like the New Carbon Express CX2 or the TenPoint Carbon Fusion CLS

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