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    Nose Jammer – A New Revolution in Scent Control

    Nose Jammer Scent Control

    I came across this very interesting product at the ATA show and have been so impressed with what I have seen and read that I feel as though this is a product that I would like to share with all of my readers.  As most hunters already know, keeping your scent away from the game you’re hunting is a crucial and often hard to accomplish task especially when dealing with skittish game such as deer.

    The problem with most cover scents and other cover products (soaps, clothing etc) is that no matter how much you put on or how good it is, the truth is that to the game your hunting, you stink we have a strange odor about you that spooks them.  Our bodies are constantly creating and giving off this smell.  It’s embedded into our clothes, car seats, hunting equipment and everything else we touch.

    This is where the beauty of Nose Jammer comes in.  This product is not an attractant and not a cover scent it is a revolutionary idea that will certainly lead to less spooked dear and more trophy animal bagged.  The idea of the Nose Jammer product is to take natural scents from trees and vegetation that the animals are used to smelling and dealing with all the time; concentrate them and turn it into a spray that when picked up by the game’s nose will overload its scent receptors with smell essentially crashing their sensor ability thus making it nearly impossible for the game to pick up on your scent.

    On top of making it near impossible for the game you’re hunting to smell you, the Nose Jammer also has the added ability to calm the deer’s reflexes with the use of vanillin.  Vanillin is a wood by-product that is present in many trees including the maple tree as well as shrubs all found in the game’s natural habitat.  Vanillin through many studies has been found to calm the startle reflex in both hunters and game, which ends in a deadly combination for your trophy animal.

    At the show I was able to converse with the creator of this product and found that they had done numerous field tests wit this product and had found that deer had exhibited 3 main responses to Nose Jammer.

    - The first reaction from the deer what that there was no reaction at all.  The deer seemed to ignore the smell simply equating it to a normal habitat smell.

    - The second reaction was that the deer upon coming into range of the scent quickly looked up smelling the air, after a couple minutes they calmly resumed what they had been doing before they smelled the Nose Jammer product.

    - Thirdly the last reaction exhibited by the deer were that the dear raised their head sniffing the air and then started to bolt the other way, only to stop after 30 yds looking back and realizing there was nothing to be scared of and then walking back to their original spot to continue what they had been doing before.

    If you want more information about this revolutionary product that is sure to be apart of most bowhunter’s arsenals learn more about it here – Nose Jammer – Scent Overload.

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